5 Must-Have Accessories to Make Your Next Group Travel Trip Fun

Enhance your next group travel trip with these five gadgets. These items will increase the safety, connectivity, and enjoyment for everyone in your group!

Neck Wallets

Forget the fanny pack! Foil potential thieves who prey on unsuspecting tourists with an easy-to-conceal neck wallet. These slim pouches are roomy enough to hold your passport, event tickets, credit cards, and even your phone. Despite their capacity, however, they are still small enough to hide under your shirt or jacket.

Encourage your fellow travelers to invest in a neck wallet to reduce the chance of misadventures that can spoil everyone’s experience.

USB Travel Chargers

Make sure you never miss a photo opportunity with a USB travel charger. These tiny devices easily plug into standard outlets and allow you to charge multiple devices at once. Don’t fret if several of your travel companions forget their device chargers. Your phones, tablets, cameras, and other digital devices will always be ready when you bring one or two travel chargers along for the ride.

Don’t forget extra cords!


Traveling to an area with questionable cellular service? Make sure you can keep in contact with your group members with a set of walkie-talkies. Break large groups into smaller units. Designate a member of each unit as the walkie-talkie bearer. When trouble arises, members can easily communicate with each other without worrying about spotty cellular connections.

Be sure to choose a model based on your chosen destination. If you’re going on a whitewater rafting trip, for example, you’ll want to pick up some waterproof walkie-talkies to ensure they survive the trip.

Accessory Organizers

Keep all your toiletries, jewelry, and smaller personal items easily accessible with a travel accessory organizer. These compact carry-alls keep your personal belongings together in one convenient package. No more worrying about lost contact lens solution or toothbrushes getting accidentally switched during transport.

From makeup to tools, you can find a travel organizer to safely transport almost anything. Furthermore these simple solutions are a must-have on trips that are spread out over multiple days.

Inflatable Neck Pillows

Increase the comfort factor on your group trip with inflatable neck pillows. These simple accessories are great for long rides and overnight travel. Just pump them up, lay back, and rest up for the activities ahead.

Most neck pillow models are easy enough to inflate with just your breath. However, you may want to bring along a small air pump to make your trip even easier.

Finally put these five items on the shopping list for your next group travel trip for maximum fun and comfort.


5 Amazing Group Travel Trip for Spring Break

Spring break is the perfect time for group travel trip fun! Whether you’re looking for a wild weekend with girls or embarking on an adventure with your extended family, there are many options for excitement as the ice thaws.

Grab some of your friends for some group travel trip fun to your sites. All of your favorite people can head out to one of these five fabulous locations for a break from the gloom of winter.

Orlando, Florida

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is the obvious choice for winter-weary group travelers. Orlando is a unique location with a variety of activities and destinations that appeal to a range of age groups and preferences. Besides Disneyland, your group can enjoy tours at SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and an endless selection of nightclubs, museums, and dining outlets. Of course, there’s always the beaches!

Quebec City

Visit the only fortified city on the North American continent that is not in Mexico for a historically-thrilling spring break experience. This World Heritage Site offers all the charms of a modern city with unique historical flavors. Explore significant battlefields like the Plains of Abraham, visit the Museum of Civilization, or simply enjoy the culture and nightlife.

South Padre Island, TX

This location is a well-kept secret amongst spring break enthusiasts. With clean, comfortable beaches and a thriving nightlife, this spot is popular with younger crowds and those looking to let loose. The area features a host of economical dining and lodging options.

Denver, Colorado

Those who don’t look forward to the end of winter’s frost can enjoy one last snowy fling in Denver, Colorado. Choose one of the many ski lodges that surround the area so your group can enjoy mountain sports for the entire week. Of course, there’s plenty of parties, shopping, and entertainment in this metropolis.

Las Vegas, NV

With the nickname Sin City, Las Vegas guarantees a good time. Try your luck at a slot machine, throw some dice at a table, visit the gourmet buffets, or just take in the fabulous architecture on the Strip. Las Vegas isn’t just for adults. Take the kiddies to the Circus Circus midway to see live acts, on a gondola ride at the Venetian, or for a stroll through history at Madame Tussaud’s.

All of these destinations promise amusement, relaxation, and a variety of recreational opportunities for your group. Enhance your trip even more by chartering a bus for your travel. When compared to driving personal vehicles and public transportation, charter buses are more comfortable, convenient, and affordable than other options.

Put these 5 destinations on the list of possible places to visit on your next spring break group travel trip.