Coming Up With Ideas for Group Travel Experience

Having trouble thinking up new destinations for your group travel experience? Use these tips to find the best place for your next group travel experience.

Think About the Weather

A vacation or group travel experience is meant to be fun and comfortable. You can’t do that if the weather makes you miserable the entire time. Use the weather to help you narrow down your possibilities.

  • Cold weather at home got you down? Look to more exotic climates for winter relief. Look south to places like Florida, Las Vegas, or California for some relatively warm relaxation.
  • Can’t stand the summer heat? If you’re looking to cool off, head to places like Colorado, Chicago, or the ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • Does your group have special weather-related needs? Conditions like osteoarthritis are exacerbated by damp cold. Look for locations that won’t aggravate illness.

Use weather maps to determine the regions that best fit your desired climate. Then you can choose a destination that you know will be comfortable throughout your stay.

Do Something Big

Take a road trip to a large event with your favorite group of friends. Choose an event that is interesting to everyone in the group or a destination with multiple entertainment options to ensure all travelers have the time of their lives. Look for events like:

  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Art exhibits
  • Amusement parks
  • Conventions

Cultural events are another way to experience a destination with lots of variety. Events like the Taste of Chicago bring people from all over the world for a multi-day festival. Choose an event that is based on something your group members enjoy doing.

Get Physical

Vacations aren’t just for sightseeing. If your group is more physically active, organize a trip to a massive fitness competition. These events pit participants against each other in a grueling race against the clock and their own bodies. Some of the most popular fitness events are:

  • Tough Mudder
  • The Warrior Dash
  • Spartan Race

These events occur in larger cities all across the United States and Canada. Find one near you or use the event as an excuse to visit a new city.

Get Group Input

Talk to your co-travelers for some itinerary ideas that are sure to please. What are the best ways to gather diverse opinions on travel destinations?

  • Use an online survey company to send out digital forms.
  • Create a social media page for your group. Have all potential travelers log in leave their ideas.
  • Print out worksheets for participants to fill out and return with their suggestions.

For best results, you’ll need to gather information twice. After narrowing down the initial suggestions, send out a list of revised options. Have participants vote on only one option. Tally the votes to find your next group vacation destination.

Use these tips to take the stress out of planning your next group travel experience.

Running out of ideas for your next group travel trip? Use these tips to find the perfect place for your group of friends.

Keys for Planning a Seamless Student Trip

How to travel safely with students

Group travel for students is an opportunity for young people to explore the world in a safe and structured way.

However, their curiosity and lack of experience can lead them into trouble when they’re away from home. Here are some tips organizers can use to make their next student travel trip seamless and stress-free.

Inform and Document

Make sure everyone has the right information to keep your trip on track.

  • Use your cell phone to store pictures of receipts, ticket stubs, and accommodation records. This makes it easier to access and share with parents or other chaperones.
  • A database app is helpful for accessing digital copies of your student’s emergency contact, medical, and food allergy information.
  • You should also schedule a meeting with parents and students to discuss the details of overnight trips. Discuss expectations, review rules, and give parents a copy of your travel itinerary.

Keep records easily accessible to reduce communication problems that can stall your travel plans.

Packing and Moving

These tips address the logistics of moving groups of people and their stuff over long distances.

  • Charter a private bus instead of relying on public transportation to reduce the chances of students going astray. As an example, a bus with a bathroom reduces time-delays and keeps student under the watchful eye of chaperones.
  • Limit the amount of luggage each traveler can bring to ensure there’s enough room for everyone. Ask your bus company representative to help you calculate the dimensions and weight capacities.
  • Finally, distribute a list with essential items to bring along on the trip. Make sure parents have plenty of time to obtain needed items.

These simple steps are a big help in making student trips successful.

Schedule Safety

Keep minors accountable and out of harm’s way with these tips.

  • Schedule mandatory check-ins throughout your trip. To do this have students gather at a central location periodically that way you can ensure everyone is still following the program. Alternatively, chaperones can have their students text or send pictures to confirm their location.
  • Also, assign travel buddies at the beginning of the trip. With groups of 2 or 3 students, it’s less likely that one will be tempted to break the rules or fall victim to an accident.
  • One more idea, give students a written or digital copy of the itinerary. Include times to meet up, eat meals, curfew, and other relevant schedule points.

Student group travel doesn’t have to be stressful. With proper planning and clear documentation procedures, organizers can achieve the perfect educational experience for their students.

How to Find the Best Group Travel Deals

When you travel in a group, everyone gets a good deal. But did you know that, with a little research and planning, you can lower out-of-pocket travel costs even more?

How can you get the best group travel deals on hotels, event seating, transportation, and other accommodations for your group trip? Use these tips to spend less while having more fun.

Off-Season Savings

Choose your arrival and departure dates carefully to shave some dollars off of your vacation bill.

  • During the winter months, resorts and venues offer significantly reduced prices to woo chilly travelers out of their comfortable homes. January is the cheapest month for most travel destinations.
  • Want to go sightseeing in a major city without breaking your budget? Plan your trip for the week after a major concert, sports event, or another gathering. After large events, accommodation providers usually slash prices to keep rooms occupied.

Be flexible with your timeline to realize big savings on your group travel plans.

Get Professional Help

Skip the discount sites and get help from a professional travel planner for an awesome yet low-cost trip. Here are some of the ways travel planners lower your travel costs.

  • Experienced travel planners develop a network of hotels, local guides, and event coordinators. These connections allow them access to deals and discounts others don’t even know to exist.
  • Besides their connections, travel planners have exclusive knowledge about many travel locations. They can use that information to find the best accommodations in your budget range.
  • Discount travel websites make it difficult to book multiple rooms or seats. Your travel planner can arrange for blocks of accommodations while still securing a healthy discount.

Working with a travel planner is an investment in your superior vacation experience.

Do It Yourself

Why pay for something you can do yourself? Take matters into your own hands to realize the most savings on your group excursion. Best way to do this is to use BusRates!

  • Instead of purchasing plane tickets, rent a charter bus for your trip. You’ll get privacy, convenience, and the ability to set your own schedule with less money than it takes to buy several seats on public transportation.
  • Make it a camping trip! If you’re traveling to an area near a campground, skip the overpriced hotels. This is a great option for groups of teens and youngsters.
  • Don’t let road trip food ruin your travel budget. Pack snacks and drinks in coolers before you set off for your adventure.

Use these tips to make your group travel more fun and affordable for everyone.

Logistics: Organizing a Large Group Travel Trip

Large groups travel

Organizing a large group travel trip can be a cumbersome process. How can a volunteer organizer keep track of all the details it takes to successfully execute a group travel plan?

Here are some tips to help you handle the logistics of organizing a trip for your large group.

Set Clear Limitations

Don’t drive yourself insane by trying to fulfill everyone’s desires. Set some clear boundaries at the beginning of the trip planning process to reduce frustration.

  • Limit the number of travelers. Extra travelers can complicate prearranged accommodations like bus seating, event admission, and dining options. Set a date and make participants aware that no additions to the travel roster will be accepted after that date.
  • Specify payment dates and amounts as soon as the information is available. Make travelers aware of cancellation dates and potential fees to avoid confusion or hurt feelings.
  • It’s never a good idea to accept IOUs or promises of future payment. Resist the urge to cover any portion of someone else’s travel expenses.

Realistic limitations let you plan the best trip possible while preventing stressful situations.

Open the Lines of Communication

When planning a large group travel event, communication is key. Use the one or more of the following techniques to make sure your travel buddies always have access to the latest trip information.

  • Set up a social media page for your travel group. Post reminders, inspirational photos, and discussions on trip activities. Use online polls to get your members’ opinions on trip-related subjects.
  • Create an email address that you use only for trip communications. Add group members to your distribution list, then easily forward copies of receipts, confirmations, and other trip data.
  • Help your travel group members get to know each other better by sharing details of each traveler on the group’s social media page. Include a picture, the traveler’s name, and a short blurb that reveals their personality.

Make sure there’s a way for travelers to express their opinions as well. A constant flow of data between you and your large group travel companions eases your efforts to coordinate a large group of diverse individuals.

Distributing Large Group Travel Data

Use these tips to keep your large group travel members from getting lost or left behind during the trip.

  • Provide each traveler with printed instructions at the start of the trip. Include bus line names and numbers, the trip travel itinerary, and scheduled activity times and locations.
  • Check that each traveler has all required tickets and documentation before embarking on your trip. This includes airplane, admissions to attractions or event venues, passports, and valid state-issued identification.
  • Create a travel phone tree and encourage the buddy system to reduce delays from stragglers or forgetful partygoers.

With a little planning and some firm boundaries, you can enjoy large group travel with your friends and loved ones.

Amenities That Make Group Travel More Fun

What’s more fun than a day trip to an amusement park, museum, or concert? Sharing that experience with a large group of friends and family!

When embarking on a group travel adventure, these amenities will help you get the most out of your trip.

On Your Bus

Renting a charter bus for your trip allows your group to enjoy more time together. Consider these features that maximize your comfort while you’re on route to your destination during your next group travel getaway.

  • For long distance trips, you need a bathroom on your bus. An onboard bathroom reduces unscheduled stops and ensures you get to your event on time. Groups with young children, seniors, or expectant mothers should consider coaches with bathroom facilities for shorter trips as well.
  • A television with a DVD player lets you enjoy a movie to break up long drive times. Or use it to crank some party music to get everyone in the mood for the big event.
  • Many areas across the United States allow adults to consume alcoholic beverages while riding in a passenger vehicle. A minibar in your charter bus is the perfect way to kick off your adults-only weekend. Check with your bus rental company to learn about the specific laws in your area. Please note that Canada does not allow open alcohol containers in passenger vehicles at any time.

These little extras will make your travel time just as much fun as your final destination.

At the Hotel

Overnight stays at hotels can be uncomfortable and a little boring. Ask for these upgrades to improve your entire group travel experience.

  • Choose lodgings that include Wi-Fi during your stay so your group can stay connected to friends and family back home with social media updates, email, and internet calling. Most large hotel chains offer free unlimited Wi-Fi with your room.
  • If your group is sharing rooms to decrease costs, ask the front desk for a rollaway bed. Use it to store bags that are frequently accessed. This helps keep common areas clear of personal belongings so everyone is more comfortable.
  • For trips that last multiple days, a hotel with a conference room lets group leaders call travelers together to coordinate and structure the day’s activities. These usually include a business center where you can send and faxes or make photocopies.

Even if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time in your room, these perks make the time you do spend there more relaxing.