Large Family Group Travel Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Traveling with family is always a uniquely fulfilling experience. Spending time with your special loved ones on-the-road offers the chance to bond with scattered relatives, catch up on all the latest life news, and strengthen relationships that may be stressed by time and distance. 

However, negotiating large family group travel trips aren’t easy. That’s especially true with family groups that feature multiple families and age groups. Use these group travel tips to ensure your next large family group travel trip is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable for everyone.

Choose the Right Rental Bus

Renting a charter bus for your extended family’s vacation is the single best way to enhance the journey for everyone. How does a charter bus make your large group trip better?

  • In mixed age groups, bathroom stops are always an issue. Choose a bus with a bathroom to keep seniors, children, expectant mothers, and other passengers comfortable without compromising your schedule.
  • Keep understimulated little ones distracted on longer trips with built-in sound systems, DVD players, and televisions. Play a group game of Charades, lead a sing-a-long, or just put on a movie and let the youngsters relax as the miles fly by.
  • Get a bus with more seats than you think you might actually need. The extra space ensures there’s always a spot for quick naps, diaper changes, and time-outs.

The right bus makes the travel portion of your trip one of your biggest highlights.

Share the Childcare

Give everyone on your trip the chance to enjoy themselves by coordinating childcare duties.

  • Entice the teenagers and bigger kids to keep watch over their smaller siblings and brothers. Organize one or two hour shifts for them to take turns watching over the little ones while the adults attend to other matters.
  • Rent strollers that accommodate multiple children. That way, one or two adults can care for several toddlers at one time. If you’re headed for an amusement park or other popular family destination, call ahead and ask if they have those available for rent in the area.
  • Make overnight trips feel like a family slumber party. At the hotel, designate one room as the kids’ room. Pile up blankets, games, and all their favorite snacks so they can enjoy extended-family fun all night. As a bonus, most of the guardians get to sneak off for a little nightlife.

Focus on making the family’s time together work for everyone by sharing the responsibilities.

Quick Group Travel Tips to Increase Family Fun

  • Invest in walkie-talkies. Give one to each group to ensure the lines of communication are never broken.
  • Make brightly colored family t-shirts. They are cute and make it easier to identify the members of your group in a crowd.
  • Provide travelers with a list of expected out-of-pocket expenses well before the trip begins to ensure everyone has enough cash to enjoy the experience.
  • Ask those with medical sensitivities to wear bracelets or carry cards that announce their conditions. Alternatively, coordinators can keep a list of medications and conditions for emergency purposes.

Spending time with family is a special gift. Make it even more beautiful by using these group travel tips to plan the perfect large group family travel trip.

10 Tips For Traveling With Friends

How long has it been since you’ve had the time to just relax and bond with your best friends? Group travel makes it possible to explore and experience the world with your favorite people.

However, traveling with a group of friends isn’t always stress-free. Use these group travel tips to make your next friends’ expedition fun for everyone.

Plan for Different Personalities

Think about everyone’s personality when you’re planning the itinerary for your trip. They key to a successful mix is incorporating activities that can be enjoyed by participants at all levels.

  • Add activities for your more physically-inclined friends. Challenging hikes, rock wall climbs, and biking expeditions are physical activities that almost anyone can try. 
  • Consider personal politics when planning historical tours and activities. Try to focus on non-partisan, national and state-government sponsored information to avoid potential conflicts brought on by a difference in opinion.
  • Choose destinations that offer a variety of activities in one place. Amusement parks, national parks, and hotel resorts offer a number of amenities. That means everyone can find an enjoyable activity.

Be sure to include some alone time in each day for group members to relax.

Be Upfront About Funds

Don’t let money ruin your fun or your friendships. These group travel tips help you make rules about money that ensure everyone knows what to expect.

  • If your trip is organized around a big event like a concert, include the entry fees in the individual trip costs. Designate someone to hold on to the tickets to ensure no one gets accidentally left behind.
  • Talk about meal plans. Tell everyone what meals will be paid for and what times everyone will have to provide their own meals. Give your travelers some information on the types and prices of food in the area so they can plan accordingly.
  • Keep everyone posted on deadlines. Share information about deposits, payment due dates, and other financial milestones throughout the trip. Give everyone notice that they need to get their money submitted on time.

Reduce money confusion to protect the peace on your friends’ trip.

Share Essential Services

Bring everyone together to have more fun and reduce individual travel costs.

  • Rent a charter bus. Having everyone together in one vehicle gives you more time together. It is also cheaper and more convenient than driving private cars.
  • Choose suites over smaller hotel rooms. Add a few rollaways and your hotel room becomes the ultimate sleepover party. You’ll also get to experience more luxury for less than you’d pay for a standard-sized room by yourself.
  • Go with a short-term rental home. Whether you’re staying for a few days or a few weeks, property sharing sites like Airbnb offer exquisite family-style accommodations at low prices.

With these traveling with friends tips, your next friends’ vacation is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable.

Overnight Bus or Motorcoach Travel: 4 Tips for Safety, Survival, and Sleep

Bus travel lets your group see more, go farther, and bond longer for a smaller investment than other travel methods.

Renting a charter bus also gives you more control over your itinerary. However, group bus travel also comes with a unique set of challenges that can compromise the safety and comfort of your members.

Use these four tips to keep everyone happy, healthy, and relaxed on your next group bus trip.

Invest in Your Bus

Resist the urge to choose a bus with the bare minimum. Take advantage of available amenities to guarantee the success of the travel portion of your trip.

  • Choose a bus with a bathroom to eliminate the need for frequent overnight stops that can disrupt sleeping passengers.
  • Pick a bus that’s large enough to allow extra seats for toddlers to stretch out comfortably without sitting in an adult’s lap.
  • Ensure your bus has WiFi to provide overnight entertainment for those who can’t sleep. Encourage passengers to bring earplugs.

Safeguard the Group from Theft

Keep your group safe from pickpockets and thieves with these simple habits.

  • Bring along a safe for storing high-value items. Only two people should have access.
  • Encourage members to stay in groups of at least 2 people at all times.
  • Advise travelers to split up valuables between their bag, wallet, sock, pockets, etc. If a theft does occur, they won’t lose everything.

Indulge in Entertainment

Boredom is the biggest danger on long road trips. This is especially true for those traveling with youngsters. Use these tips to keep boredom at bay.

  • Opt for a coach with a DVD player and television combo to display movies for everyone to enjoy.
  • Buses equipped with PA systems let you take part in fun group games like karaoke, trivia, and charades.
  • Create a quiet zone near the front of the bus. Those who aren’t ready to settle down can go in the back and leave space for others to rest.

Pack for Comfort

Ask your fellow travelers to bring these things along for a cushier ride.

  • Ear plugs and eye masks help travelers sleep while others are on their phones or holding conversations.
  • A neck pillow makes it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position in less-than-optimal conditions. A regular pillow helps those with spinal issues avoid irritating aches and pains.
  • Two light blankets are better than one heavy blanket for travel. The extra blanket can be used to provide cushioning in strategic areas when the coach is warm enough.

Bus travel is always the best option for your group trip. These four simple tips will make your next group bus trip even better.

Take the sting out of group bus travel with these four simple tips.

Travel Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts offer a variety of exceptional, real-world experiences for youngsters and their families. When these experiences require travel, chaperones can sometimes struggle to keep their group of excited little ones safe and accounted for.

Use these tips on your next Cub Scout travel trip to ensure the safety and comfort of the entire group.

Rent a Charter Bus

Many Cub Scout troops depend on parents to get their children to the venue or site of their activity. However, this isn’t always the best strategy, especially when the trip requires out-of-town travel. Renting a charter bus for your Cub Scout travel improves the safety, comfort, and conveience of your trip for everyone involved.

  • Pickup times and locations can get easily confused, leaving little ones stranded while they wait for their ride. With a charter bus, chaperones won’t have to worry about parents losing track of time or getting lost.
  • Arrival times are another common issue. Late arrivals can also result in confusion and stranded scouts. In a charter bus, everyone leaves and arrives together, which means schedules won’t be compromised.
  • There are times when, despite how well chaperones do their duties, a little one can slip away from the group. When this happens in remote locations, a charter bus makes the perfect emergency meeting spot for wayward scouts.

Renting a charter bus is an important part of physical safety on your Cub Scout travel.

Organize Documentation

Documentation is more than a requirement for Cub Scout outings. Keeping the right paperwork in an orderly and accessible fashion makes it easier to respond to emergencies in an effective manner.

  • Have parents and guardians complete a health survey before each trip. Ask them to update data on any conditions the child may have, medications with schedules, and any other pertinent health information like allergies and aversions.
  • Get your traveler’s insurance information before embarking. If an emergency occurs, having their information makes it easier to seek treatment until the parents arrive.
  • Include a snapshot of each student with their information sheet to ensure you’re pulling the right file in an emergency situation.

Instead of lugging around large stacks of documents, take pictures of each page and refer to the photos on your phone when needed.

General Safety Tips for Cub Scout Travel Trips

  • Complete all approved training classes before taking your troop on any trips. These may include youth protection training, first aid/CPR, and a variety of other safety-oriented instructions.
  • Ensure your coach is equipped with all of the emergency equipment you might need on the road and during your trip.
  • Map out the locations of hospitals, police or ranger stations, and other places around your activity location where you may need to seek help.
  • Encourage children to keep a copy of their parents’ contact information on them at all times to ensure they can get help if seperated from the group.

Taking trips with your Cub Scout troop is fun and exciting. These tips ensure that it stays safe as well.

Use these tips to keep your Cub Scout travel trip safe, secure, and problem-free.