Planning a Historical Trip for Your Next Group Travel Excursion

Are you looking for a unique group travel excursion that offers more than the usual distractions?

A trip to a historically significant destination is a great way for families, school groups, and friends to get away for some relaxation with a side of education. These tips help planners create an itinerary that keeps everyone engaged, excited, and inspired throughout the trip.

Stay Longer

Longer trips give you more time to explore. Instead of rushing through exhibits, blindly snapping pictures to save as memories, add a few extra days to your trip calendar. Spend the extra time soaking in the sights, talking with locals, and discussing the finer points of your destination’s historical merit.

How can you make your multi-day accommodations more affordable for everyone in the group?

  • Ask for group discounts at hotels.
  • Make it a camping trip! Many historical sites are situated near camping grounds and RV lots.
  • Book accommodations early to get the best possible rates and availability.

Do More

Don’t limit yourself to purely historical attractions. If your primary destination lies near a major city or non-historical landmark, consider adding a side-excursion to your trip’s itinerary. A little variety ensures no one gets bored.

What types of activities should you look for during your historical group trip?

  • Spend some time at an amusement park
  • Take in some of the natural scenery in nearby national parks
  • Give your adult group some time to experience the city’s nightlife.

Choose a mix of activities that appeal to different people in your group. It might help to ask your fellow travelers what sorts of things they would like to do before making any commitments.

Choose a Theme

Most historical locations have more than one point of interest. In some large cities, it is impossible to see everything of historical value. Instead of trying to cram everything in, choose a theme to help your group focus and get more out of the trip. Pick something that everyone in your group can relate to, such as:

  • Pubs and restaurants.
  • Movie theaters.
  • Government buildings.
  • Unique architecture.
  • Music and art.

Bring your group together over a shared interest to infuse more fun into your trip.

Don’t Get Stuck

No matter how exciting your chosen location is, chances are good that, after a day or two, things will seem significantly less thrilling. Keep boredom at bay by chartering a bus for your group.

With a charter bus, your group can easily and quickly change locations if your chosen destination doesn’t live up to expectations. It is also simpler to organize side trips without spending hours negotiating rideshare arrangements. Additional perks like onboard bathrooms, built-in wet bars, and DVD players increase comfort and enjoyment for everyone in your group.

Whether you’re chasing fossils in Dinosaur Provincial Park or paying homage to past presidents at Mt. Rushmore, these tips will help you make the most out of your history-themed group trip.

Plan a trip with your friends to explore the history of your favorite location with these simple tips.

Organizing a Custom Group Trip Brews Cruise – 4 Key Tips

Do you love beer and travel? A Brews Cruise is the best way to combine those passions! You and a group of adult friends can spend several days exploring craft breweries and enjoying a variety of attractions along the way.

Each tour includes a driver-operated coach, so your group can fully enjoy the experience. Use these four tips to plan the perfect Brews Cruise for your group vacation.

Pick Your Location

Brews Cruise currently operates in several locations across the United States. Choose one that’s near your hometown for a quick getaway. For more adventure, pick a town you’ve never visited before. Where can you go to experience a Brews Cruise?

  • Arkansas
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Savannah, Georgia

There are also several active tour locations throughout North and South Carolina.

If none of these options appeal to you, you may be able to create your own tour route. Brews Cruise offers group trips in any town with four or more craft breweries.

Plan Other Activities

Drinking beer on a bus is a lot of fun. However, even that can get boring after a while. For group trips that stretch more than one day, try to schedule in other activities to break up the monotony. Depending on the location you choose, you could try:

  • Amusement parks
  • Museums and cultural attractions
  • Guided nature tours
  • Rock climbing, hiking, and other outdoor sports
  • Concerts and music festivals

Before your trip, spend some time with your friends brainstorming about what you might like to do. Then, use those suggestions to create an itinerary that keeps everyone engaged.

Take Your Party on the Road

For those who choose a distant location for their cruise, renting a party bus is the best way to arrive at your destination in style and comfort. Renting a charter bus to get your group to your Brews Cruise starting point offers several important perks.

  • Spend your travel time getting ready for the main event with adult beverages onboard.
  • Reduce the likelihood of a member getting lost or arriving late while traveling solo.
  • Reduce individual travel expenses with shared transportation.
  • After your cruise, use the time it takes to get home to relax instead of negotiating traffic or airport terminals.

Some buses come with a beverage bar installed, so you can stay hydrated throughout your trip.

Organize Before the Day Arrives

Planning group trips takes a lot of work. Don’t leave any details until the last minute. Make a plan early to ensure your trip is everything you want it to be. Some important tasks to take of include:

  • Securing everyone’s payment for the trip.
  • Making a list of items everyone should bring along.
  • Reserving hotel rooms or purchasing event tickets.

Reserve your Brews Cruise spot as early as possible. This will give you time to adjust your plans if circumstances change.

Why Bus Travel Makes Scenic Travel More Fun!

Both Canada and the United States are dotted with national parks. These lands offer a variety of recreational activities that make them ideal destinations for group trips.

Bus travel is a fun and convenient way to get your group to the national park of your choice. Here are some reasons why you should consider a charter bus for your next trip.

No Driving Duties

Driving through a national park is a transformative experience. From the comfort of your vehicle, passengers can enjoy gorgeous scenery, spot wildlife, and experience epic views in a short period of time.

When travelers choose to drive their personal vehicles to group vacation destinations, the driver misses a lot of the scenic fun. Instead of gazing at glowing mountain peaks or marveling at a flock of birds taking flight, they are forced to concentrate on the road in front of them. Your charter bus rental comes with a professional motor coach operator. Choosing bus travel frees all your travel partners to truly enjoy the sights.

Lower Transportation Costs

Driving your own vehicle to the park may be more convenient. However, the convenience may not be worth the increase in cost. Besides the price of fueling your vehicle for the trip, drivers have to bear the cost of wear-and-tear to their vehicle. There may also be extra fees for parking or toll roads, which each individual driver will have to pay for out-of-pocket.

Bus travel usually costs less per person when compared to driving personal vehicles. Instead of shelling out extra cash for random fees, save those funds for souvenirs.

Build Bonds While On-the-Road

Gathering a group of friends who don’t get to hang out much? Don’t waste the time staring at a steering wheel or sitting aisles apart on a train or airplane. Get better acquainted with your group by renting a charter bus.

Having everyone together in one space makes it easier to renew bonds or form fresh ones. Instead of being stuck in a tiny space with the same two or three people, put them all in one vehicle to prolong the party. Bus travel is also great for big family groups.

Carry More Stuff

How much luggage can your car hold? Negotiating some of our national parks’ roads with an overloaded passenger vehicle is an unnecessarily dangerous venture. With a charter bus, your group can carry gear for camping, skiing, hiking, outdoor cooking, and whatever other activities you plan to enjoy. Plus, there’s always plenty of room for personal effects in the spacious and comfortable bus seats.

Don’t risk ruining your personal vehicle with too much weight. Use a charter bus to get you and all of your items safely to your destination.

Book a charter bus for your next national park group trip to guarantee a good time for everyone.

3 Tips for Keeping Kids Occupied During Bus Travel Trips

Using a charter bus for your group travels can make your journey as much fun as arriving at your destination.

For families with youngsters, however, long bus travel trips can be challenging. How can chaperones keep kids of all ages amiable? Use these tips to keep kids occupied so you can enjoy your ride.

Get a Bus with All the Bells and Whistles

Load your rental bus with features and conveniences to increase the comfort factor for your entire group.

  • A motorcoach with a bathroom is a must when traveling with children. Tiny bladders need frequent relief. With a bathroom onboard, you won’t have to make as many time-wasting comfort stops.
  • Entertainment options like DVD/TV combos and sound systems offer a welcome distraction for road-weary little ones. Pop in their favorite movie and watch the miles fly by in blissful peace.
  • Pick a bus with plenty of extra seating. This will give you space to spread out board games and art supplies. It’s also a great way to ensure there are spaces for napping tots.

The key to comfortable bus travel trips is, of course, the bus. Make sure you have everything you need to maximize your trip’s potential.

Create a Child-Friendly Itinerary

Give kids time to work out all their stored-up energy with a series of scheduled stops. Groups with toddlers should plan to stop at least once every 3 hours. For longer trips, break up the drive with a 2- to 3-hour rest in the middle. What can you do during these stops?

  • Explore historic points of interest.
  • Have a picnic in a park.
  • Take a walk around a new town.
  • Have lunch at a museum.
  • Hunt for souvenirs.

Or ask your young ones for suggestions.

It’s important to get kids moving during these stops. A 15-minute stop could buy traveling parents hours of good behavior.

Stimulate and Educate

When the body of a little one is trapped in tiny quarters, the best way to keep them calm is to stimulate the mind. Inject some fun educational elements into your bus travel trips with these strategies.

  • Before the trip, brainstorm a list of age-appropriate car games. Counting cars, I-Spy, and the license plate game make the scenery the main attraction. For older kids, try story games, charades, a bingo game.
  • Have children create artwork based on their travels. Older children can write a short paragraph explaining the work.
  • Whenever your group encounters a historical marker, jot down the name. Use the Wi-Fi connection in your charter bus to find out more about the place you’ve just visited.

Bus travel trips with children don’t have to be emotionally draining. Use these tips to ensure the best possible experience for travelers of all ages.