Winter Break Bus Trip: 3 Must-See Destinations

Winter snow and ice adds a special quality to surroundings. It evokes mystery, romance, and encourages simple comforts, like a warm drink or bowl of soup.

Take advantage of breaks in your academic routine to see the beauty of nature from a new viewpoint, especially with a bus trip where you don’t have to handle the elements yourself.

These 3 must-see destinations are optimal for your shortlist of potential winter vacation locations in the United States and Canada, where a bus trip is a wonderful way to see the beauty of winter.

Niagara Falls

Regardless of the time of year, the Niagara Falls is always an impressive sight. During the warmer months, watching millions of gallons of water shoot over cliffs that tower upwards of 165 ft (50 m) is a mesmerizing pastime for tourists.

Whether you’re on the Canadian or American side of Lake Eerie, winter in Niagara Falls is a unique experience. As the massive waterfalls freeze over, they create temporary mountains that billow across the landscape and sparkle in the sun. There are other things to keep you occupied during your winter group bus trip too.

Of course, there is an assortment of shops, eateries, and side attractions to fill in your vacation time.

Florida Keys

Residents of chillier climates will love the moist humidity of a Florida winter. Outside of the summer months, travelers can find great deals on luxury accommodations, fun excursions, and sport and boating attractions. It may be a bit cold to swim, but your group can still find plenty of things to fill their travel itinerary.

  • Fish for snapper, groupers, and grunts along the coast.
  • Dine at the historic Theater of the Sea in Islamorada.
  • Get up close and personal with marine life at Aquamarine Encounters.

Florida isn’t just fun in the sun. You can have a great time during the winter too!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Despite popular belief, it does get cold in the desert. However, Las Vegas offers a nearly endless variety of indoor attractions that make it easy to avoid uncomfortable weather without risking boredom. Try these attractions in between parties.

  • Shark Reef Aquarium
  • High Roller observation wheel
  • Pinball Hall of Fame
  • Indoor Skydiving

Between the variety of bars, buffets, and bowling stadiums, you’ll find plenty to do on your winter break bus trip. You don’t have to be a gambler to have a great time in Las Vegas.

Winter cold doesn’t have to freeze your love of travel. Grab your group, schedule bus trips, and head to one of these wonderful locations for your winter break.

Make winter breaks more magical with these unique cold- and warmer-weather destinations.

6 Tips for Creating a Winning Itinerary for Your Next Group Trip

A perfect 6 step itinerary

Whether you’re chaperoning a group of high school seniors on an overnight field trip or gathering with extended family for a winter vacation, your itinerary is the key to a successful event. Use these tips to ensure everyone enjoys your next group trip.

Give Your Group a Uniform Look

Encourage group members to wear similar outfits to large events. This will help members easily identify each other in crowds. There are a few ways to achieve an attention-grabbing look.

  • Customized t-shirts
  • Clothing that shares a single, bright color
  • Hats or headgear

Choose a style that is comfortable and flexible for everyone.

Rent a Charter Bus

Renting a bus for your group excursion is the perfect way to get everyone to your destination. Bus rental offers some key advantages to group travel planners.

  • Reduce travel costs for each individual.
  • Ensure everyone arrives on-time.
  • Added amenities like a beverage bar or bathroom make travel more comfortable.

Bus travel also gives group members more time to enjoy each other’s’ company.

Create Variety

Make room for variety in the schedule so everyone can explore their own interests.

  • Pick dining locations with several options.
  • Leave free time for members to discover their own entertainment.
  • Include group activities that appeal to the different ages and hobbies in your group.

Personal experience makes travel more fulfilling.

Get Group Input

Talk to your group members during the planning stage to get some ideas. Send out surveys that ask for suggestions to each traveler for:

  • Restaurants
  • Activities
  • Historical monuments
  • Points of interest

Make sure to include the most popular choices in your schedule.

Use Social Media

Create a social media page for your group trip to enhance every stage of your excursion.

  • Before the trip, use the page to gather ideas, distribute information, and keep everyone excited.
  • During the trip, members can communicate via the page while they’re out and about.
  • After the trip, the pictures and posts become a source of memories about the great times.

Designate another travel member as admin to keep the page relevant and appropriate.

Clear Up Money Matters

Don’t let budget issues threaten your group fun. Make sure everyone gets the most out of the trip with good money management practices.

  • Set dates for firm dates for delivery of deposits and other payments. Write them down and let participants know they will be dropped if timely payment is not received.
  • Let travelers know about any cancellation fees or penalties that may apply before accepting funds.
  • Create a list that gives travelers a rough idea of how much money they will need to bring for meals, entry fees, and other travel costs that are not included in their trip costs.

Work out the financial details early in your planning process to avoid unnecessary snags in your travel plans.

These six tips guarantee you’ll create an itinerary that satisfies every member of your group.

Create the perfect itinerary for your next group trip with these six simple planning tips.

Winter Vacation Tips for Group Travel: Snow Doesn’t Mean Don’t Go!

Winter is a great time for group travel, with it come the cold weather which keeps adventurers close to home, vacation destinations are willing to offer a steep discount to those willing to brave less-than-perfect weather conditions.

So, you don’t have to ski or snowboard to have a fabulous winter vacation. Similarly you don’t have to skip the ski lodges and enjoy seasonal group travel in a whole new way.

Try a Sightseeing Tour

As a result bus tours are an excellent way to enjoy the snow without risking hypothermia. Here are some ideas to kickstart your group travel destination brainstorming session.

  • Charter a party bus complete with built-in bar and spend the evening viewing Christmas lights while making merry.
  • Take the scenic route to the nearest winter amusement park.
  • Make holiday travel more fun by using a bus to pick up scattered family members and deliver them to the final destination.

Choose an All-in-One Destination

Resorts will often slash prices during the winter in order to fill rooms. Pick a hotel with plenty of amenities to enjoy a luxury indoor vacation without spending time in the cold. This is a great way to extend trips to concerts, conventions, and other large gatherings. Look for these fun extras to keep your group members occupied.

  • Indoor pool and/or hot tub
  • Bars, restaurants, and shops
  • Fun centers with video games, bowling, and laser tag
  • Indoor putting greens or golf courses

Take the Road Less Travelled

So, showcase the isolation of winter in your getaway plans by choosing destinations that are off the beaten path. Plan a retreat for church members, team building, or intimate family reunions at remote locations that let you enjoy the beauty of ice and snow without having to interact with it. Some good locations to begin your scouting with include:

  • Rural inns and bed-and-breakfast establishments
  • Summer campgrounds
  • Accommodations around rivers and lakes

Find Better Climates

Cold is relative. Take advantage of climate differences to enjoy a spring-like vacation experience. For that reason, those who live in frosty northern areas may be perfectly comfortable strolling the beaches of Florida in the late winter months. Similarly, temperate California and surrounding desert states like Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona experience milder winters than other areas of Canada and the United States. So these areas offer unlimited group activity choices like hiking, historical landmarks, and even swimming that your group can enjoy during the winter if they’re used to hardier climates.

So, snow doesn’t have to stop your show! Use these tips to inspire the best no-snow winter vacation your group members have ever experienced.

Don’t let the snow keep you cooped up at home. Use these tips to plan the perfect wintertime group travel trip.

Planning a Girls Weekend Out by Bus Charter

Whether your group goal is complete relaxation or wild adventures, a charter bus gives you more ways to enjoy your weekend away with the girls.

Use these tips in your group travel planning sessions to get the most out of your charter bus.

Invest in Extra Amenities

For trips that require a lot of drive time, opt for buses with extra amenities that kick up the fun factor. Look for these features to keep your group entertained and comfortable.

  • Televisions with DVD players let you share music, videos, and movies on long road trips.
  • On-board bathrooms cut down on comfort stops.
  • A built-in bar lets the girls get amped before you reach your chosen venue.

Break Up the Monotony

Don’t force your group through a grueling drive just to save time or money. Take advantage of low-cost bus rates to extend your drive time and explore what lies along the road to your destination.

  • For trips over 12 hours, consider an overnight stay at a central location. Go out for drinks, visit a spa, or spend the night at a luxury hotel eating room service and preparing for the big event.
  • Supplement your drive itinerary with rest stops at historical markers, shopping centers, or other areas that add entertainment value to the trip.
  • Switch seats periodically. Changing the seating arrangements allows group members to intermingle more thoroughly, thus ensuring the conversation never gets stale.

Book Early

Reserve your coach as soon as you possibly can to avoid delays and inconveniences that can compromise your group travel plans. Strive to place your order at least two weeks before your expected travel date. There are several advantages to scheduling your bus rental early.

  • Early booking reduces logistical issues for bus companies, which gives you the best chance of getting the bus you really want.
  • Scheduling in advance puts you in the position to swoop in on cancellations and last-minute changes to upgrade your rental.
  • If your plans fluctuate, a long scheduling period gives you time to adjust the rental details before any cutoff dates for deposit returns.

Bring Plenty of Party Favors

Even for short trips, party favors and car games are a great way to bring the group together for some memorable fun. These tips are aimed a creating the perfect onboard entertainment schedule for your group.

  • Give your group trip entertainment a common theme. Trivia games, karaoke contests, and name-that-song competitions are good choices for trips to musical events.
  • Make fashion a group effort. Decorative sunglasses, matching t-shirts, and customized hats ramp up group unity and just make everything more fun.
  • Bring an assortment of small prizes to hand out as prizes for on-board contests. Go to your local discount gift store or use your crafting skills to gather a variety of interesting items to keep the competition hot.

With these tips, your next girl’s weekend is guaranteed to be the best one yet.

Get ready for girls-only fun on the road with these group travel planning tips!