4-Steps for Safer Senior Travel

Bus travel lets seniors enjoy their golden years to the fullest. However, even short senior travel trips can present challenges that threaten fragile health, open the door to potentially dangerous situations, and compromise the fun for everyone in the group.

These 4 steps will help you keep every member of your senior travel group safe and accounted for, no matter where your travel takes you.

Prep for Health Issues

Health problems are a reality for many older people. The first step towards a successful senior travel trip is to make sure everyone is healthy enough to travel.

  • If members have chronic health problems, have them speak with their doctors before confirming travel plans.
  • Remind everyone to pack necessary medications and health supplies before they leave home.
  • Have each member list their conditions, medications, and other health information on an info card. Organizers should keep these cards easily accessible to the group in case of an emergency.

With a little preparation, health problems won’t stop your party plans.

Get Help

Even active seniors sometimes suffer mobility issues. Put these safeguards in place before embarking on your trip to ensure everyone enjoys the event.

  • Airports offer cart or wheelchair assistance to help seniors move through the terminal. Request a cart for the less mobile members of your crew.
  • Hire a college student for the weekend. In exchange for free travel and a few dollars, they can help you carry luggage, retrieve items, and run errands.
  • Call ahead to large venues and let them know a senior group is on the way. Many halls, museums, and centers offer special accommodations for senior patrons.

Outsource simple tasks during travel and save energy for more enjoyment.

Upgrade Your Accommodations

Upgrade your event seating, hotel accommodations, and travel methods to make senior travel more convenient.

  • Charter a bus with a bathroom to reduce stops.
  • Ensure hotels have elevators or escalators before booking rooms. Book handicap rooms for those who may need them.
  • Ask for aisle seats at events to make bathroom trips easier.

These simple additions don’t add much to your expenses. However, they greatly increase your travel pleasure.


This step helps you keep everyone accounted for while exploring.

  • Assign each traveler a group or partner. Ensure everyone has a functioning phone with the organizer’s number programmed into it.
  • Provide a safe to store passports, house keys, valuables, medications, and other important belongings. Designate a group member as the guardian.
  • Provide written itineraries for each member that includes bus numbers, locations, addresses, and time frames.

Incorporate these steps into your senior travel planning process to keep your group happy, healthy, and safe on the road.

Learn 4 essential steps to keeping senior travel groups safe during vacations and getaways.


Picking the Right Type of Bus for Your Next Group Travel Trip

Your group is ready to travel: You’ve got the dates, the destination, the participants—and now it’s time to choose a vehicle.

When planning a group travel trip, sometimes what may seem like the easiest decision ends up being the most difficult. You never knew there were so many options!

Like any aspect of your trip, getting clear about your needs will be the key to making a decision. And when it comes to picking the right type of bus for your group trip, the more you understand your needs, the better.

The Who, Where, and What of Group Travel

Before you pick your vehicle, it’s helpful to understand the nuts and bolts of your group travel trip. For example, how many people are you going to be transporting? Are they young, adult, or seniors? Are your participants going to be toting equipment?

Each piece of information you have will give you the answers you need to make a choice. Think of it as the who, where, and what of travel.

  • Who is going: Ages and group size
  • Where are you going: What is your destination; is it a long drive or short drive
  • What are you going for: Is it a day trip; a multiday trip; will there be luggage or equipment, special needs; is it sports, a musical group, seniors, etc.

Of course, don’t forget your budget. That will be a determining factor as well.

Once you have a basic list (like 50 seniors on a multiday trip to 4 cities in Florida with a $5000 budget), you can start looking at buses for your group travel needs.

Types of Buses for Group Travel Trips

Big or small, there are plenty of bus choices for your adventure. Here are some of your options:

  • Van – Primarily used for local travel, vans can seat up to 22. There isn’t a bathroom, but you may be able to find one with entertainment options.
  • Double-decker Bus – Like the famous buses in London, these can seat up to 84. Note, however, that you will likely need to be in a metro area and stay local, and will have to go without bathrooms and A/C. The novelty may be worth it though!
  • Party Bus – Heading to an event or several local venues? Is your group 21 and older? A party bus is a fantastic option for a fun day/night out. Party buses typically seat 14-30.
  • School Bus – School buses are the traditional way to go to competitions. They are a basic, yet affordable, and a no-frills way to travel.
  • Charter Bus – A classic for long-range travel for big groups, charter buses are often loaded with comfort and perks. Some include a bathroom, entertainment, or plenty of storage. Charter buses are an excellent choice for adult groups heading to various travel destinations.

There are other types of buses for group travel as well, including mini coaches and trolleys. Gather all your information, and decide what works best for your next trip!


What Makes Bus Travel the Perfect Fit for Your Next Group Trip?

Group bus travel makes exploring the world more fun and affordable for everyone.

Hiring a charter bus is one of the best options for groups. What makes bus travel the perfect way for your group to get around during the next trip?

Save Money

Carpooling is a popular way to reach venues and leisure spots. However, driving personal vehicles comes with hidden costs that can add up quickly. Bus travel for your group excursion reduces the overall cost of your trip in several ways. Click here to see costs for different vehicles

  • As gas prices continue to skyrocket, the costs of funding your group trip rise as well. Bus travel includes the price of fuel, which means group members won’t have to waste time negotiating shared costs.
  • Parking passes are another expense that can add up quickly. Large groups in multiple cars may need to pay exorbitant parking fees that make the trip more difficult for some to afford. Renting a charter bus means fewer fees for everyone.
  • Refreshments are often forgotten in the group travel planning process. Charter a bus and pool your funds for snacks and beverages while you’re on the road. Consider a bus with a built-in minibar for maximum enjoyment on adults-only trips.

Save Time

Reduce the time you need for travel and coordinating members when you rent a charter bus for your next group trip.

  • Driving skills differ. Don’t risk leaving less experienced drivers behind in a caravan of independently driven cars. Bus travel ensures that your whole group arrives at the venue at the same time.
  • Pit stops are a fact of road travel. Coordinating multiple vehicles at rest stops, restaurants, and gas stations is a big chore for group organizers. Using a charter bus means you never have to worry about anyone getting lost or left behind.
  • Bathroom breaks are time-consuming and can set your schedule back. Rent a bus with bathroom facilities installed to make sure your whole group makes it to their destination comfortably and on time.

Save Frustration

Organizers can reduce conflicts and planning challenges by using bus travel for group trips.

  • Deciding who will ride in which car can be a hassle, especially with teen groups. A charter bus reduces seating conflicts and allows your whole group to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Not everyone is a good navigator. For drivers that find it hard to follow driving directions, charter buses are a lifesaver. Let the driver worry about directions while your group relaxes and takes in the scenery.
  • Can’t secure enough chaperones for your teen group travel? Using a charter bus means you need less help keeping young ones in line.
  • Long drives are physically demanding. By the time you reach your destination, the driver might be too tired to appreciate the event. Hire a professional bus driver so everyone can arrive at your leisure spot refreshed and ready to participate fully.