Traveling Colorado by Bus: Plan an Adventure Group Trip

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When you visit Colorado State it’s a wonderland of forests, mountains, monuments, and waterways.

People who love the outdoors can enjoy a variety of fun and family-oriented activities year-round. The next time you visit Colorado, use these strategies to get the most out of your adventure group trip.

Charter a Bus

You’re planning a day trip for the long weekend, renting a charter bus for your adventure group has many advantages.

  • For day trips that include families with teenage children, you should use the bus as a meeting spot for lost or confused travelers. That way, if someone becomes separated from the group, instruct them to make their way back to the bus. The way you can help with this is to organize shifts among the adults and have someone stay on or near the bus in case an emergency happens.
  • Reduce wear-and-tear on personal vehicles by using a charter bus when you visit Colorado. Camping gear, sports equipment, and multiple passengers are heavy for commuter vehicles, which can negatively impact your car’s performance. A Class C charter bus has the towing capacity to get your group and all its stuff to your destinations.
  • See and do more with a rental bus. Multiple vehicles make it difficult to move your group around. Visit Colorado historical sites, museums, and natural wonders without the extra expense and restriction of guided tours.

Choose a Theme when you visit Colorado

Colorado is a geographically-gifted state with a lot of options for your group adventure travel trip. Decide what you’re going to do based on your group’s shared interests and the time of year you’re in Colorado.

  • Want to backpack or hike some of the most pristine landscape in the United States? Colorado’s National Park system boasts 4 amazing reserves filled with well-trodden trails and secret spots just waiting to be discovered. Explore old evergreen forests, see gorgeous valleys teeming with wildlife from mountaintops. Expand your knowledge of local flora and fauna near natural lakes, streams, and ponds.
  • Whitewater rafting is an excellent activity for adventure junkies. The rivers in Colorado are lined with businesses offering equipment, guides, and instruction. Many offer half-day trips that can include challenging rapids, leisurely floats, and coordinated meal and rest breaks.
  • Rock climbing is great for active vacationers. Challenge your body and teamwork skills on a multi-day trip, which is a great way to spend the day blowing off some steam with a new workout. Hire a guide or purchase a map near the entrance to the area you choose to find the best spots for your skill level.

One more thing you need to do before you leave, make sure you check online for group discounts on your favorite activities when you visit Colorado. That way you and your group will save money and enjoy the state even more!

Logistics: Organizing a Large Group Travel Trip

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Organizing a large group travel trip can be a cumbersome process. How can a volunteer organizer keep track of all the details it takes to successfully execute a group travel plan?

Here are some tips to help you handle the logistics of organizing a trip for your large group.

Set Clear Limitations

Don’t drive yourself insane by trying to fulfill everyone’s desires. Set some clear boundaries at the beginning of the trip planning process to reduce frustration.

  • Limit the number of travelers. Extra travelers can complicate prearranged accommodations like bus seating, event admission, and dining options. Set a date and make participants aware that no additions to the travel roster will be accepted after that date.
  • Specify payment dates and amounts as soon as the information is available. Make travelers aware of cancellation dates and potential fees to avoid confusion or hurt feelings.
  • It’s never a good idea to accept IOUs or promises of future payment. Resist the urge to cover any portion of someone else’s travel expenses.

Realistic limitations let you plan the best trip possible while preventing stressful situations.

Open the Lines of Communication

When planning a large group travel event, communication is key. Use the one or more of the following techniques to make sure your travel buddies always have access to the latest trip information.

  • Set up a social media page for your travel group. Post reminders, inspirational photos, and discussions on trip activities. Use online polls to get your members’ opinions on trip-related subjects.
  • Create an email address that you use only for trip communications. Add group members to your distribution list, then easily forward copies of receipts, confirmations, and other trip data.
  • Help your travel group members get to know each other better by sharing details of each traveler on the group’s social media page. Include a picture, the traveler’s name, and a short blurb that reveals their personality.

Make sure there’s a way for travelers to express their opinions as well. A constant flow of data between you and your large group travel companions eases your efforts to coordinate a large group of diverse individuals.

Distributing Large Group Travel Data

Use these tips to keep your large group travel members from getting lost or left behind during the trip.

  • Provide each traveler with printed instructions at the start of the trip. Include bus line names and numbers, the trip travel itinerary, and scheduled activity times and locations.
  • Check that each traveler has all required tickets and documentation before embarking on your trip. This includes airplane, admissions to attractions or event venues, passports, and valid state-issued identification.
  • Create a travel phone tree and encourage the buddy system to reduce delays from stragglers or forgetful partygoers.

With a little planning and some firm boundaries, you can enjoy large group travel with your friends and loved ones.

Amenities That Make Group Travel More Fun

What’s more fun than a day trip to an amusement park, museum, or concert? Sharing that experience with a large group of friends and family!

When embarking on a group travel adventure, these amenities will help you get the most out of your trip.

On Your Bus

Renting a charter bus for your trip allows your group to enjoy more time together. Consider these features that maximize your comfort while you’re on route to your destination during your next group travel getaway.

  • For long distance trips, you need a bathroom on your bus. An onboard bathroom reduces unscheduled stops and ensures you get to your event on time. Groups with young children, seniors, or expectant mothers should consider coaches with bathroom facilities for shorter trips as well.
  • A television with a DVD player lets you enjoy a movie to break up long drive times. Or use it to crank some party music to get everyone in the mood for the big event.
  • Many areas across the United States allow adults to consume alcoholic beverages while riding in a passenger vehicle. A minibar in your charter bus is the perfect way to kick off your adults-only weekend. Check with your bus rental company to learn about the specific laws in your area. Please note that Canada does not allow open alcohol containers in passenger vehicles at any time.

These little extras will make your travel time just as much fun as your final destination.

At the Hotel

Overnight stays at hotels can be uncomfortable and a little boring. Ask for these upgrades to improve your entire group travel experience.

  • Choose lodgings that include Wi-Fi during your stay so your group can stay connected to friends and family back home with social media updates, email, and internet calling. Most large hotel chains offer free unlimited Wi-Fi with your room.
  • If your group is sharing rooms to decrease costs, ask the front desk for a rollaway bed. Use it to store bags that are frequently accessed. This helps keep common areas clear of personal belongings so everyone is more comfortable.
  • For trips that last multiple days, a hotel with a conference room lets group leaders call travelers together to coordinate and structure the day’s activities. These usually include a business center where you can send and faxes or make photocopies.

Even if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time in your room, these perks make the time you do spend there more relaxing.

6 Must-See Arizona Attractions for Your Next Group Trip

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It’s no secret that the Grand Canyon is Arizona’s greatest tourist attraction. According to the United States National Park Service, 6,254,238 visitors explored the Grand Canyon in 2017.

While this geological wonder is rightfully the most popular tourist destination in the state, Arizona is home to many other fascinating and fun places to explore as well. Here are 6 Arizona attractions other than the Grand Canyon you should make time for on your group trip.


Relive the dusty glamour of the Old West in the historic town of Tombstone, Arizona. Born from a boom supported by local silver mines, Tombstone also served as the background for law and order legends Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Today, the town features an array of authentic attractions for your travel group to enjoy.

  • Visit museums dedicated to the gunfighters of the Old West.
  • See live reenactments of famous gun battles in history.
  • Go to the 10 most haunted places in Tombstone during a spooky nighttime tour.
  • Explore a real silver mine.

Tombstone offers family-friendly fun that’s appropriate for everyone in your group.

Making sure you’ve packed all the right items for your trip is always important click here to see a list of what those items should be.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Located on tribal lands, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park features some of the most breathtaking natural formations in the world. Multi-hued sandstone towers, called monuments, dot the desert landscape and have served as the backdrop in countless movie productions. Drive the monuments on a Jeep tour or explore the area on your own time. On-site eateries, RV parking, and premium lodgings are available to make your stay even more magical.

Water and Amusement Parks

If your group needs help reviving themselves after too many days in the desert, they’ll probably be thrilled to visit one of the many water and amusement parks across the state. Historically-themed amusement parks include:

  • McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park
  • Trail Dust Town
  • Old Tucson
  • Castles n Coasters

Schedule a day at one of these Arizona attractions to change up the pace on longer trips.

Walpi Village

Witness life from another time in one of the oldest continuously inhabited villages in North America. Native Hopis still call Walpi home, with many of them choosing to honor their ancestors by living without electricity and other modern conveniences. Delve into the unique culture of the area with local crafts, music, and food. Walpi is truly an only-in-Arizona experience.

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Discover natural beauty hidden deep beneath the earth in Kartchner Caverns. One of the most mysterious Arizona attractions, this giant cave contains some of the most unusual rock and mineral formations in the world. Picnic areas, campgrounds, and a discovery center also make this a nice side trip on your next group excursion.

Hoover Dam

Nestled at the intersection between Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam is a massive concrete structure that generates nearly 4 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable electricity every year. The dam also provides irrigation water to millions of homes, businesses, and agricultural operations. Daily tours of the power plant and dam facilities are a quick educational excursion if your group travel takes you through the area.