Casinos to Visit by Motorcoach Rental

Ante up and rent a charter bus for a group travel casino run! Be sure to pack your lucky socks and shades to maintain your cool as we take a look at some of the most famous and motorcoach-friendly areas for casino trips. Press your luck to win big or lose it all, or just go along for the ride to find live entertainment, food, and drink for a fun time.

Rent a Motorcoach for a Casino Escape and Win Big

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas and casinos are synonymous with one another, and as soon as your group arrives on the Las Vegas Strip you’ll feel like a high roller. There’s a number of casinos on the strip that you’ll recognize from movies and television, and each casino has its own unique look and ambiance. In the summer, be sure to pack the swim trunks because there are swim-up tables at Caesars Palace and Palms, among others. Keep the adrenaline in check and don’t bet the house unless you know you’ve sealed the deal. Also check out the Hard Rock and Planet Hollywood casinos for music, dancing and—of course—more gaming.

You can’t think of charter trips to casinos without thinking of the Las Vegas strip!

Atlantic City

Looking for an east coast option? Head to Atlantic City for all of the slots, tables, and payouts your group can handle. Divided into three casino “resorts,” Atlantic City will offer something for everyone. Head to Harrah’s to play for as little as 1 cent or go big at Resorts Casino Hotel for some of the highest limits in town. If you know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em, be sure to stop by the Borgata Casino and Golden Nugget for some Texas Hold ‘Em poker. Plan out your stops in advance, or show up and see where the city takes you.

Chicago Region

Renting a bus is the perfect way to navigate the many casinos of the Chicago region. The beautiful Lake Michigan will be on your side as you travel this network of gaming, music, and show. You can start out at Hollywood Casino in Aurora, just west of Chicago, before visiting Ameristar Casino Hotel just outside of downtown Chicago. Then, head back on the bus to cross over into Indiana to visit the Majestic Casino in Gary and the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City.

Casino groups are big business for motorcoach operators, so when shopping around for prices and rates, feel free to ask about custom casino tours. If the bus operator you select is familiar with the casinos, you might hit the jackpot and find yourself on the receiving end of insider tips or a great route to satisfy all of your gaming needs. Keep the attitude positive, enjoy, and rest easy knowing that getting around to all the hottest spots will be a breeze when traveling by charter bus.


How Green are Environment Friendly Coach Buses?

environment friendly coach buses

Motorcoach travel is no stranger to the environment—in fact; you could say buses are close friends with Mother Nature!

Each coach bus you see on the road has the potential to displace 55 automobiles making them environment friendly coach buses. In addition to reducing congestion, they also take home the gold (or should we say green) when compared with other forms of transportation. They are actually the most environmentally-friendly form; airplanes, trains, and cars just can’t match the low carbon footprint. Efficiency is often measured in passenger miles per gallon, in which coaches are twice as efficient as travel by train, four times as efficient as hopping onto a plane, and seven times more efficient than travel by car. In fact, one gallon of fuel can provide over 200 passenger miles on a coach bus.

You Are Traffic
Bus & Coach Smart Move published this great visualization for motorcoach travel (Image: Bus and Coach Smart Move)

New clean diesel engines and fuel, like bio-diesel or ultra-low sulfur diesel, reduce greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions. Coaches are now outfitted with technology that further reduces and clean these emissions to have little or no impact on the environment.

Looking for the right vehicle for your eco freindly tour is easier to find than you might think, click here for a list of the different kinds of buses your group may want to use on your next outing!

In addition to the technology onboard, the responsibility of running environmentally-friendly buses falls on the bus owner/operator. Many coach companies have enacted environmental sustainability measures in all aspects of their business. Drivers help by carrying out anti-idling techniques. Monitoring tire pressure to minimizing fuel consumption or recycling fluids in the maintenance garage. All of these are part of the going green that bus company manage.

That's Why I Ride - Because I Care about My Environment
Not only is travel by motorcoach good for you, it’s also good for the environment! (Image: Bus and Coach Smart Move)

Be sure to look for the Green Coach Certification on bus operator profiles within the directory. There you’ll see which operators are committed to improving their environment and have successfully met parameters for the program.

Top Convention Spots and Charter Rentals

Location, location, location.

Picking a city for your convention or trade show is a huge decision. Conferences are scheduled years in advance to make sure that everything is planned and goes off without a hitch. Conference transportation is an essential service and taking time to plan out the logistics of everyone at the show is a must. Many centers suggest vendors through whom you can buy transportation for your attendees and exhibitors, but is that really the best way?

Arranging Event Transportation with Charter Buses

By using the charter bus operator directory, you can search for transportation providers by state or province and city. This allows you to contact the local bus-owner operators in and around the city where you intend to hold your conference. By going local, you can be sure the bus company and drivers will be familiar with the area and be able to shuttle your attendees and guests with ease. A smart driver can maneuver even the biggest motorcoaches around busy convention centers all while providing personable service.

Feel free to call the operators listed on directly. Just click the “Phone Number” text in each bus operator’s profile to view their contact details and phone them directly to discuss your event transportation needs.

Most Popular Convention Destinations

If you are curious which cities are on the up and up for holding a trade show, check out this top 10 list courtesy of Cvent, an event management platform. We’ve visited many of these top ten areas and have shared our stories in previous articles in the Charter Partner.

An increase in conferences held in the Midwest has been a trend over the past year, with Chicago taking first place in the rankings. Cities you’d expect, such as Orlando and Las Vegas take the runner-up spots. Atlanta, a major transportation hub, takes 4th place and is actually where the United Motorcoach Association will be hosting its annual Motorcoach EXPO in early 2016 (you bet the team will be on site!). Take a look at the full list:

  1. Chicago, IL
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Las Vegas, NV
  4. Atlanta, GA
  5. San Diego, CA
  6. New York, NY
  7. Dallas, TX
  8. Washington, D.C.
  9. New Orleans, LA
  10. Nashville, TN

Find local bus operators that know the area and can make your conference or event transportation needs run smoothly. If you’re a meeting planner and have any questions, feel free to join in the conversation on the Facebook page. We wish you the best when planning convention travel.

Group Travel Attractions in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the biggest hubs in America for airline travel at its international airport and sees millions of travelers passing through (in fact, it’s the world’s busiest airport!). But if you don’t get outside of the terminal, you’re missing out on all of the group travel opportunities that Atlanta provides. Rent a charter bus in Atlanta and get your group on the bus to visit the 9th largest metro area in the U.S. and discover big-city charm in the south.

The team will have a first-hand account of Atlanta as they travel to the United Motorcoach Association’s annual trade show in 2016. So far, we’ve made an itinerary of sites to see in Atlanta and feel free to supplement these ideas using attractions and restaurants in the area using the directories for your next trip.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Atlanta was a significant city in the history of civil rights in America. The city itself was burned down in the Civil War by the Confederate Army but was rebuilt following the end of the war. It began to expand rapidly and became a center of black commerce. Fast forward to the 1960s, and Atlanta had become a key organizational center for the Civil Rights Movement led in part by Martin Luther King Jr. In 1980, King’s childhood home was declared a national historic site. The church where he and his father pastored, a museum, a firehouse turned gift shop, and rose garden occupies the land on which this historic site is preserved. Take your group to the visitor center to relive the progress and keep in memory the strides our country has made influenced by King’s leadership.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

The humid subtropical climate of Atlanta is a lovely home for plenty of flora. The Atlanta Botanical Garden covers 30 acres and is open to the public to display and educate visitors. Even in the winter this attraction is popular for tourism as the garden is decorated with over a million LED lights and holiday displays. Do your best monkey impression to prepare your group for the Kendeda Canopy Walk, which is a skywalk suspended 40 feet in the air that leads through one of the few remaining urban forests in the city. Be sure to grab a visitor’s guide to ensure you don’t miss any of the garden’s fascinating exhibits.

Turner Field

Are there any Atlanta Braves fans out there? Chances are you may find them in your charter and tour group, so be sure to please them with a trip to Turner Field. This is the last year in which the Braves will play at Turner Field, so if you are able to catch a game during your visit, take advantage of the opportunity! The stadium itself is no stranger to baseball buffs, as it’s hosted the National League Championship Series, one World Series, an All-Star game, and eleven National League Division Series. Break out the Cracker Jacks and take your group out to the ballgame.

Atlanta has a lot to offer groups of all sizes. Go ahead and get to planning your group travel to this city using the group travel databases.

Top 10 Things to Pack in Luggage for Group Travel

Things to Pack, Things to Pack? I don’t know about you, but packing can turn into a stressful experience! If you’ve always got nagging in the back of your mind you may have forgotten something, you’re not alone!

Here are a few things to pack before zipping up that luggage for your charter bus trip? Take a look at our list of the top-10 things you might have forgotten to pack.

  1. When thinking of what Things to Pack in luggage, it’s a good idea to take a step back at first and think of the luggage itself. Chances are you’ll be fine “stowing away” your luggage in either the back or cargo storage underneath a coach, but you’ll likely have a handful of items you’ll want to access onboard the bus or whenever you hop off for rest stops or at any of the destinations along your itinerary. Therefore, think portability in luggage—pack a backpack or smaller satchel to carry things. Toss essentials in here and keep it in the overhead compartment aboard the bus or in the seat back in front of you.
  2. Be prepared by packing a small, foldable poncho in your bag, weather forecasts aren’t 100% right you must
  3. Since you’re traveling, and traveling is a journey made out of memories, be sure you don’t forget the camera to capture the moments! Phone cameras work fine, but if you’re headed on a trip that demands higher quality photos, pack a good digital camera. Always remember to charge it and bring along an extra memory card to be safe!
  4. Here’s one of those that doesn’t get taken along on trips enough and will appeal to the handyman in your group. Duct Tape. That’s right. It’s versatile and can be used for hundreds of small problems that would otherwise become an irritant. Patch a hole in the aforementioned rain poncho, fix luggage that won’t close, or append any ripped or torn clothing. We once started a hiking trip and a sole came unglued from a shoe—if we had duct tape, we would’ve completed that mountain hike!
  5. Here’s a quick tip in concealment; opt to pack dark clothing simply because, in addition to its slimming properties (of course you want to look fabulous in the photos the camera you’ve brought along will inevitably take), it also makes it more difficult to perceive any wrinkles or unfortunate stains that occur during the trip.
  6. Speaking of stains, chances are you’ll have a sloppy eater in the group. Pack a Tide to Go stain remover stick and you’ll save them from any embarrassment. This is the most valuable item, especially on charter bus wine outings!
  7. The last thing you want to have happen on your journey is to fall ill, so be sure to sanitize! Bring hand sanitizer because we’ve all had that emergency experience at a restroom that was… less than sanitary. Alcohol-based sanitizers will kill the germs and keep you worry-free. For food, toss some moist towelettes to also help keep your paws clean.
  8. Another of the things to pack and a must-have when traveling is a nice mug; a quality travel thermos to stay caffeinated in the mornings with coffee and hydrated in the afternoon with water. And don’t forget travel snacks. Check out our article on the best road trip munchies.
  9. An oddball item in your list of things to pack and most people don’t pack, a bandanna. They’re versatile when you are “on-the-go”. Clean your glasses, hold your hair, keep you warm, or cover your eyes for sleep.
  10. Our last item of things to pack is one of the coolest because it takes advantage of new features onboard motorcoaches. New and retrofitted coaches are outfitted with 110 volt outlets, so depending on the coach,  sometimes there is an outlet for every seat. Expand your options with a mini power strip outlet! Pack one of these electrical expanders to give juice to your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and every other electronic device you can plug into it. Make sure you take along a portable battery charger. They’re cheap now-a-days and can give your devices a second life.

Now that you’ve considered all of the odds and ends of packing for your charter bus trip, start your next! Use to find and book directly with local bus owner/operators, saving you time and money.