5 Amenities You’ll Love Having on Your Next Charter Bus Excursion

Did you know that charter buses are equipped with the modern amenities you crave while traveling? Many people don’t know that many motorcoaches have luxurious amenities that will take your trip from okay to amazing. There are several conveniences you’ll like when you hop on a coach, but here are the top five amenities modern day adventure seekers love:

Onboard Wifi: Wifi on a road trip? Yes please. Answer messages, check your social media accounts, stay up to date on work, and more when you hop on a wifi enabled coach. No need to burn all your LTE and suffer in ‘dead spot’ areas when you’re on the bus. Get things done with motorcoach wifi! Entertainment Packages: Break up the long day by enjoying onboard entertainment packages. Sit back and relax as you watch Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows, and more. Just don’t forget a set of earphones. Onboard Restrooms: Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to pee when you’re on the road in the middle of nowhere. A clean onboard latrine will take care of all your problems. So stop worrying about monitoring your fluid intake and just enjoy the ride. Outlets: If you want to read on your Kindle, catch up on emails, or play a game on your phone, chances are that you’ll eventually need an outlet to keep your devices running. Many coaches have personal outlets to keep your devices charged and your life going. Comfortable Seats: When you take a motorcoach, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Hop on a bus and you’ll be amazed with the comfort of the reclining seats and the sheer amount of legroom you get. No need to bend yourself like a contortionist to get comfy, a coach is already comfortable enough.

From practical conveniences to modern day tech capabilities, coaches have it all. Want to make sure the coach you book has the amenities you desire? Search on busrates.comhttp://busrates.com and you can easily filter and search for the conveniences that are important to you. Happy traveling!

10 Tips For Traveling With Friends

How long has it been since you’ve had the time to just relax and bond with your best friends? Group travel makes it possible to explore and experience the world with your favorite people.

However, traveling with a group of friends isn’t always stress-free. Use these group travel tips to make your next friends’ expedition fun for everyone.

Plan for Different Personalities

Think about everyone’s personality when you’re planning the itinerary for your trip. They key to a successful mix is incorporating activities that can be enjoyed by participants at all levels.

  • Add activities for your more physically-inclined friends. Challenging hikes, rock wall climbs, and biking expeditions are physical activities that almost anyone can try. 
  • Consider personal politics when planning historical tours and activities. Try to focus on non-partisan, national and state-government sponsored information to avoid potential conflicts brought on by a difference in opinion.
  • Choose destinations that offer a variety of activities in one place. Amusement parks, national parks, and hotel resorts offer a number of amenities. That means everyone can find an enjoyable activity.

Be sure to include some alone time in each day for group members to relax.

Be Upfront About Funds

Don’t let money ruin your fun or your friendships. These group travel tips help you make rules about money that ensure everyone knows what to expect.

  • If your trip is organized around a big event like a concert, include the entry fees in the individual trip costs. Designate someone to hold on to the tickets to ensure no one gets accidentally left behind.
  • Talk about meal plans. Tell everyone what meals will be paid for and what times everyone will have to provide their own meals. Give your travelers some information on the types and prices of food in the area so they can plan accordingly.
  • Keep everyone posted on deadlines. Share information about deposits, payment due dates, and other financial milestones throughout the trip. Give everyone notice that they need to get their money submitted on time.

Reduce money confusion to protect the peace on your friends’ trip.

Share Essential Services

Bring everyone together to have more fun and reduce individual travel costs.

  • Rent a charter bus. Having everyone together in one vehicle gives you more time together. It is also cheaper and more convenient than driving private cars.
  • Choose suites over smaller hotel rooms. Add a few rollaways and your hotel room becomes the ultimate sleepover party. You’ll also get to experience more luxury for less than you’d pay for a standard-sized room by yourself.
  • Go with a short-term rental home. Whether you’re staying for a few days or a few weeks, property sharing sites like Airbnb offer exquisite family-style accommodations at low prices.

With these traveling with friends tips, your next friends’ vacation is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable.


Planning a Music Festival Get-away for Your Friends

Every year, a multitude of bands, vendors, and music lovers come together to listen, experience, and bond over the tunes that form the soundtrack to our lives.

If you’re looking to experience a music festival with your friends, use these tips to get the most out of your musical adventure.

Find the Right Festival

With so many festivals being held across the world, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your group. Ask these questions to narrow down your choices.

  • What kinds of music do you enjoy? Many festivals are organized around a specific genre.
  • How far are you willing to travel? If plane rides or long drives are out of the question, pick a destination that is closer to home.
  • How much time do you plan to invest? Some festivals last several days. Including travel time, you could be committing to an entire week away. Check your schedule before deciding which venue is right for your group.

When you do choose a festival, spend some time with your group mapping out the bands and attractions you don’t want to miss.

Choose Accommodations Wisely

Multi-day events usually offer a variety of overnight accommodation options to fit every budget range. Pick the one that fits your group’s style, preferences, and wallets.

  • Tent camping is one of the most cost-effective options. However, these spaces require that participants use shared bathrooms and showers. Privacy and security can also be an issue.
  • RV camping lets you enjoy many of the comforts of home while you’re on the festival grounds. Some lots even offer water, sewer, and electrical hookups. Once again, privacy and security could be a problem.
  • Local hotels go out of their way to make music festival groups comfortable. Talk to hotel representatives about group discounts and max out each room’s occupancy for the best deal.

Some festival organizers offer hotel accommodations in their ticket packages. This isn’t always the best deal. Call around to hotels in the area to find the most pleasing prices.

Take the Show on the Road

The party doesn’t start at the festival gates. Rent a charter bus to deliver your group to the venue. In addition to lowering each person’s individual travel costs, a charter bus offers numerous benefits to mobile partygoers.

  • Choose a coach with a built-in bar so you can pregame in style.
  • Bring everyone up to speed on all the bands you’re going to see with an onboard integrated sound system.
  • Televisions and DVD players let you see your favorite bands in action, so you can build up excitement for the big event.

You’ll also need a bus with a bathroom to reduce unscheduled stops due to overburdened bladders.

Music festivals are a great way to unite your love of good friends, great music, and explorative travel. Incorporate these tips into your planning sessions for the best friends’ trip ever.

Planning a group trip to a music festival? Use these tips to ensure your whole group experiences maximum fun!


Planning a Historical Trip for Your Next Group Travel Excursion

Are you looking for a unique group travel excursion that offers more than the usual distractions?

A trip to a historically significant destination is a great way for families, school groups, and friends to get away for some relaxation with a side of education. These tips help planners create an itinerary that keeps everyone engaged, excited, and inspired throughout the trip.

Stay Longer

Longer trips give you more time to explore. Instead of rushing through exhibits, blindly snapping pictures to save as memories, add a few extra days to your trip calendar. Spend the extra time soaking in the sights, talking with locals, and discussing the finer points of your destination’s historical merit.

How can you make your multi-day accommodations more affordable for everyone in the group?

  • Ask for group discounts at hotels.
  • Make it a camping trip! Many historical sites are situated near camping grounds and RV lots.
  • Book accommodations early to get the best possible rates and availability.

Do More

Don’t limit yourself to purely historical attractions. If your primary destination lies near a major city or non-historical landmark, consider adding a side-excursion to your trip’s itinerary. A little variety ensures no one gets bored.

What types of activities should you look for during your historical group trip?

  • Spend some time at an amusement park
  • Take in some of the natural scenery in nearby national parks
  • Give your adult group some time to experience the city’s nightlife.

Choose a mix of activities that appeal to different people in your group. It might help to ask your fellow travelers what sorts of things they would like to do before making any commitments.

Choose a Theme

Most historical locations have more than one point of interest. In some large cities, it is impossible to see everything of historical value. Instead of trying to cram everything in, choose a theme to help your group focus and get more out of the trip. Pick something that everyone in your group can relate to, such as:

  • Pubs and restaurants.
  • Movie theaters.
  • Government buildings.
  • Unique architecture.
  • Music and art.

Bring your group together over a shared interest to infuse more fun into your trip.

Don’t Get Stuck

No matter how exciting your chosen location is, chances are good that, after a day or two, things will seem significantly less thrilling. Keep boredom at bay by chartering a bus for your group.

With a charter bus, your group can easily and quickly change locations if your chosen destination doesn’t live up to expectations. It is also simpler to organize side trips without spending hours negotiating rideshare arrangements. Additional perks like onboard bathrooms, built-in wet bars, and DVD players increase comfort and enjoyment for everyone in your group.

Whether you’re chasing fossils in Dinosaur Provincial Park or paying homage to past presidents at Mt. Rushmore, these tips will help you make the most out of your history-themed group trip.

Plan a trip with your friends to explore the history of your favorite location with these simple tips.