Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Charter Bus for Your Group

If you’re searching for a charter bus, chances are you have a specific activity, trip, or event in mind. That’s where knowing what types of vehicles are available can help tremendously. Luckily this quick guide will give you a summary of each commonly chartered vehicle available to help you make your choice.

Luxury Motorcoach: Often equipped with features such as optional wifi and entertainment packages, luxury coaches are a great way to get your large group from point A to point B. No matter if you’re traveling a short or long distance, coaches can comfortably seat up to 56 people and have onboard restrooms to make your travel experience just that much more enjoyable.

Executive Coach: Perfect for transporting business executives and their colleagues, these coaches have office or lounge interiors and are usually equipped with wifi which makes it easy to work and relax on your journey. Executive coaches can typically seat anywhere from 20-30 people.

Trolley: If you are having an event such as a wedding or gala and want to add a touch of vintage charm, a trolley is the perfect way to have your guests transported. Though they don’t have the same amenities that other coaches do, a trolley will add the ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for.

Mini Bus: Need to transport a smaller group, but still want the amenities that a motorcoach offers? You’re in luck! A mini bus is perfect for you. With seating for up to 29, this more cost-efficient method of transportation will work great for just about any trip you have in mind.

Chartering a bus is simple to do, especially when you use our extensive database. Get quotes today just by typing in your pickup location and then using our filters to ensure availability. No matter which type of vehicle you decide to charter, you’ll be glad you read this guide to help you narrow down your search!

Sitting in the lap of luxury

Did you know that charter buses are equipped with the modern amenities you crave while traveling? Many people don’t know that many motorcoaches have luxurious amenities that will take your trip from okay to amazing. There are several conveniences you’ll like when you hop on a coach, but here are the top five amenities modern day adventure seekers love:


  1. Onboard Wifi: Wifi on a road trip? Yes please. Answer messages, check your social media accounts, stay up to date on work, and more when you hop on a wifi enabled coach. No need to burn all your LTE and suffer in ‘dead spot’ areas when you’re on the bus. Get things done with motorcoach wifi!
  2. Entertainment Packages: Break up the long day by enjoying onboard entertainment packages. Sit back and relax as you watch Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows, and more. Just don’t forget a set of earphones. 
  3. Onboard Restrooms: Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to pee when you’re on the road in the middle of nowhere. A clean onboard latrine will take care of all your problems. So stop worrying about monitoring your fluid intake and just enjoy the ride.
  4. Outlets: If you want to read on your Kindle, catch up on emails, or play a game on your phone, chances are that you’ll eventually need an outlet to keep your devices running. Many coaches have personal outlets to keep your devices charged and your life going.
  5. Comfortable Seats: When you take a motorcoach, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Hop on a bus and you’ll be amazed with the comfort of the reclining seats  and the sheer amount of legroom you get. No need to bend yourself like a contortionist to get comfy, a coach is already comfortable enough.


From practical conveniences to modern day tech capabilities, coaches have it all. Want to make sure the coach you book has the amenities you desire? Search on busrates.com and you can easily filter and search for the conveniences that are important to you. Happy traveling!

10 Tips For Traveling With Friends

How long has it been since you’ve had the time to just relax and bond with your best friends? Group travel makes it possible to explore and experience the world with your favorite people.

However, traveling with a group of friends isn’t always stress-free. Use these group travel tips to make your next friends’ expedition fun for everyone.

Plan for Different Personalities

Think about everyone’s personality when you’re planning the itinerary for your trip. They key to a successful mix is incorporating activities that can be enjoyed by participants at all levels.

  • Add activities for your more physically-inclined friends. Challenging hikes, rock wall climbs, and biking expeditions are physical activities that almost anyone can try. 
  • Consider personal politics when planning historical tours and activities. Try to focus on non-partisan, national and state-government sponsored information to avoid potential conflicts brought on by a difference in opinion.
  • Choose destinations that offer a variety of activities in one place. Amusement parks, national parks, and hotel resorts offer a number of amenities. That means everyone can find an enjoyable activity.

Be sure to include some alone time in each day for group members to relax.

Be Upfront About Funds

Don’t let money ruin your fun or your friendships. These group travel tips help you make rules about money that ensure everyone knows what to expect.

  • If your trip is organized around a big event like a concert, include the entry fees in the individual trip costs. Designate someone to hold on to the tickets to ensure no one gets accidentally left behind.
  • Talk about meal plans. Tell everyone what meals will be paid for and what times everyone will have to provide their own meals. Give your travelers some information on the types and prices of food in the area so they can plan accordingly.
  • Keep everyone posted on deadlines. Share information about deposits, payment due dates, and other financial milestones throughout the trip. Give everyone notice that they need to get their money submitted on time.

Reduce money confusion to protect the peace on your friends’ trip.

Share Essential Services

Bring everyone together to have more fun and reduce individual travel costs.

  • Rent a charter bus. Having everyone together in one vehicle gives you more time together. It is also cheaper and more convenient than driving private cars.
  • Choose suites over smaller hotel rooms. Add a few rollaways and your hotel room becomes the ultimate sleepover party. You’ll also get to experience more luxury for less than you’d pay for a standard-sized room by yourself.
  • Go with a short-term rental home. Whether you’re staying for a few days or a few weeks, property sharing sites like Airbnb offer exquisite family-style accommodations at low prices.

With these traveling with friends tips, your next friends’ vacation is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable.


Overnight Bus or Motorcoach Travel: 4 Tips for Safety, Survival, and Sleep

Bus travel lets your group see more, go farther, and bond longer for a smaller investment than other travel methods.

Renting a charter bus also gives you more control over your itinerary. However, group bus travel also comes with a unique set of challenges that can compromise the safety and comfort of your members.

Use these four tips to keep everyone happy, healthy, and relaxed on your next group bus trip.

Invest in Your Bus

Resist the urge to choose a bus with the bare minimum. Take advantage of available amenities to guarantee the success of the travel portion of your trip.

  • Choose a bus with a bathroom to eliminate the need for frequent overnight stops that can disrupt sleeping passengers.
  • Pick a bus that’s large enough to allow extra seats for toddlers to stretch out comfortably without sitting in an adult’s lap.
  • Ensure your bus has WiFi to provide overnight entertainment for those who can’t sleep. Encourage passengers to bring earplugs.

Safeguard the Group from Theft

Keep your group safe from pickpockets and thieves with these simple habits.

  • Bring along a safe for storing high-value items. Only two people should have access.
  • Encourage members to stay in groups of at least 2 people at all times.
  • Advise travelers to split up valuables between their bag, wallet, sock, pockets, etc. If a theft does occur, they won’t lose everything.

Indulge in Entertainment

Boredom is the biggest danger on long road trips. This is especially true for those traveling with youngsters. Use these tips to keep boredom at bay.

  • Opt for a coach with a DVD player and television combo to display movies for everyone to enjoy.
  • Buses equipped with PA systems let you take part in fun group games like karaoke, trivia, and charades.
  • Create a quiet zone near the front of the bus. Those who aren’t ready to settle down can go in the back and leave space for others to rest.

Pack for Comfort

Ask your fellow travelers to bring these things along for a cushier ride.

  • Ear plugs and eye masks help travelers sleep while others are on their phones or holding conversations.
  • A neck pillow makes it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position in less-than-optimal conditions. A regular pillow helps those with spinal issues avoid irritating aches and pains.
  • Two light blankets are better than one heavy blanket for travel. The extra blanket can be used to provide cushioning in strategic areas when the coach is warm enough.

Bus travel is always the best option for your group trip. These four simple tips will make your next group bus trip even better.

Take the sting out of group bus travel with these four simple tips.


Worried About Motion Sickness During Bus Travel? Check out These Tips!

Motion sickness is a tough rival for those who love to travel. The dizziness and queasy-sick stomach feeling is enough to ruin your entire travel time. This common ailment is caused by the body’s inability to process rapidly received stimuli.

For some people, rapid movement, like when you’re in a vehicle moving at high speeds, can play havoc with their sensory perception. The constantly changing input makes it hard for the brain to meld the information being sent from the eyes, muscles, and inner ear together. This sends the brain into overwhelm, and often results in pale and clammy skin, decreased appetite, and severe dizziness and stomach upset.

You don’t have to let motion sickness ruin your vacation plans. Take these tips with you on your next group bus travel trip to keep everyone comfortable, happy, and nausea-free.

Take Care of Your Body

The symptoms of motion sickness usually don’t last long. However, they can be severe, regardless of how long the episode lasts. Take care of your body to reduce the long-term impacts of an attack.

  • Lie down on your back with your eyes closed. This reduces the amount of information your brain needs to process. It helps to find a spot near the middle of the bus, where the motion isn’t quite as detectable.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while you’re on the bus. The harsh acids can irritate the stomach lining and increase nausea.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke, heavy colognes, and other intense smells. Use a small fan or open a window to get as much fresh air as possible.

Lighten the demands on your brain’s processing abilities to shorten the duration of motion sickness.

Clear Your Mind

Use your mental abilities to control the physical symptoms of motion sickness.

  • Try a little meditation. Find a focal point that is firmly attached, like a poster, sticker, or even a rivet in the bus window. Breath slowly and deeply while concentrating on the object.
  • Don’t try to read while your bus is moving.
  • A recent study found that those who gave themselves verbal encouragement were less likely to experience motion sickness. Try giving yourself a pep talk before boarding the bus.

Your brain’s conscious abilities can help you find relief from motion sickness.

Take the Herbal Route

There are a number of over-the-counter medications that claim to help with motion sickness. However, these herbs are a natural way to deal with the associated gastric distress.

  • Raw ginger is a well-known home remedy for stomach issues. Chew a piece of peeled root for fast relief.
  • Mint is another herb that’s commonly used for stomach problems. Try a tea or use a little oil for an aromatherapy treatment.
  • Spicy cinnamon heats up the gastric system and helps your body purge itself of discomfort-causing elements.

These natural remedies might interact with your prescription medication. Check with your doctor before trying them out!

Motion sickness doesn’t have to mean the end of the line. With these tips, you can defeat dizziness and nausea and enjoy your group bus travel trip.

Use these quick tips to reduce discomfort from motion sickness on your next group bus trip.