Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Charter Bus for Your Group

If you’re searching for a charter bus, chances are you have a specific activity, trip, or event in mind. That’s where knowing what types of vehicles are available can help tremendously. Luckily this quick guide will give you a summary of each commonly chartered vehicle available to help you make your choice.

Luxury Motorcoach: Often equipped with features such as optional wifi and entertainment packages, luxury coaches are a great way to get your large group from point A to point B. No matter if you’re traveling a short or long distance, coaches can comfortably seat up to 56 people and have onboard restrooms to make your travel experience just that much more enjoyable.

Executive Coach: Perfect for transporting business executives and their colleagues, these coaches have office or lounge interiors and are usually equipped with wifi which makes it easy to work and relax on your journey. Executive coaches can typically seat anywhere from 20-30 people.

Trolley: If you are having an event such as a wedding or gala and want to add a touch of vintage charm, a trolley is the perfect way to have your guests transported. Though they don’t have the same amenities that other coaches do, a trolley will add the ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for.

Mini Bus: Need to transport a smaller group, but still want the amenities that a motorcoach offers? You’re in luck! A mini bus is perfect for you. With seating for up to 29, this more cost-efficient method of transportation will work great for just about any trip you have in mind.

Chartering a bus is simple to do, especially when you use our extensive database. Get quotes today just by typing in your pickup location and then using our filters to ensure availability. No matter which type of vehicle you decide to charter, you’ll be glad you read this guide to help you narrow down your search!

4 Essentials for Sports Teams Youth Travel Trips

Youth sports offer students and chaperones travel opportunities that expand cultural understanding, challenge physical abilities, and create an incomparable sense of camaraderie between teammates.

Use these four tips while planning your next youth sports trip to ensure all of your fellow travelers have fun, stay safe, and come home victorious, no matter what happens on the court.

Don’t Be Shy with Chaperones

Even the most well-behaved group of sports enthusiasts can give the adults in charge a tough time. Make sure you have enough chaperones to keep an eye on active youngsters set loose in strange surroundings. For youth under the age of 12, you should plan on having one adult for every four students. For older kids, plan on needing one parent for every six. Where can group organizers find chaperones?

  • Parents
  • Older siblings
  • Teachers or school officials

Charter a Bus

Even for short trips, a charter bus makes the job of getting a group of athletes between locations easier than alternative travel methods. What are the advantages of charter bus travel?

  • All students arrive together. No more last-minute nail-biting hoping that your star player’s parents get them to the venue on time.
  • Use the extra travel time to review plays, rules, or simply pump up the players’ spirits.
  • Charter bus rentals include the services of a professional coach operator. That means you won’t have to worry about questionable directions or routing issues.

Many buses are equipped with amenities that make it even easier on chaperones escorting younger players. Bathrooms, DVD/TV combinations, and built-in speaker systems are some of the more popular features for teams while they’re on the road.

Stay Connected

Keep your fellow travelers connected while on the road to ensure everyone is always accounted for.

  • Make sure every traveler has the organizer’s cell phone number.
  • Have everyone trade phone numbers with at least two other travelers.
  • Consider walkie-talkies for chaperones to protect against cellular services issues in case of emergencies.

Prepare for Disaster

Good planning and vigilance drastically reduce the likelihood of accidents. However, it’s best to be prepared in case an issue occurs.

  • Keep up-to-date medical information on every traveler. Include things like medications they take, recent surgeries, or chronic medical issues. Digital files are easier to carry and access.
  • Make sure to bring a fully stocked first aid kit.
  • Pack snacks and beverages for the road. If your party becomes trapped during travel, these provisions could make long waits for help a lot more comfortable.

Youth sports is a unique privilege in the lives of young ones. Give your team’s spirit a little bit of boost by using these tips to plan the travel portion of their next away game.

Include these 4 tips in your youth sports team group travel planning sessions to keep everyone safe, happy, and satisfied.


Organizing Your Next Group Team Trip: 3 Key Considerations

3 simple steps to planning a great team trip

Group team trips take a lot of time to plan. The planners can stress and become overwhelmed if they do not stay organized. Planning ahead, keeping lists, and having a proper budget and sticking to it will keep the process of preparing for a trip smooth. Here are 3 key considerations for organizing your next group team trip.

Plan months ahead. Trips take a lot of time to plan and if you rush last minute you may miss out on deals and activities for the team trip. You should leave enough time to be sure there will be enough spaces for your entire team. Be sure the team would have time to agree on the itinerary. If one person doesn’t like what is on the itinerary, the entire team trip could be ruined. To be sure there are enough hotel rooms be sure to book in months in advance. You should have the team sign up early. You should add a couple spots for last minute stragglers. The stragglers will be so happy to be included, making the trip that much more special for every member.

Big or small, teams require the right vehicle for the journey, here’s a way to make sure you get the right vehicle type.

Keep lists. It takes a lot to plan a team trip so lists will become a necessary part of it. Programs such as Evernote or OneNote are perfect for this. If you are more old school, a notebook specifically designated for the trip will do. Lists will ensure you do not miss anything. Keeping that list connected with your calendar will keep you even more organized. Mark your calendar for when to start each phase of planning the team trip. Staying organized with lists and calendars will keep planning smooth. You can even use lists to delegate tasks if the planning is too large of a task for just one person.

Figure out the budget first. In order to plan the team trip, you need to know the budget. You cannot choose the hotel, bus type, food, or activities until you know how much money you are working with. Keep in mind that some team members may back out last second leaving you will a little less budget so, be sure not to use every cent of the budget or the trip will have to be canceled. If you need all of the budget, you could make the trip nonrefundable. When you choose a budget, be sure everyone involved can afford it. You don’t want to plan an entire trip that would be too expensive and you also don’t want to plan a trip that the group could have paid a little more to do more activities on.

Now that you know the 3 key considerations for planning your next trip, start organizing it today!


A Quick Guide to Planning a Youth Team Trip

Quick Guide to Planning a Youth Team Trip - Charter bus rental advice from BusRates.com

Planning a youth team trip can be a long, exhausting process. Between finding the right things to do to finding the right bus or coach for traveling, it can become overwhelming. Planning the team trip does not have to drive you crazy, you just have to follow these simple steps:

Plan ahead. You don’t want to be rushing to plan your youth team trip. The team could miss out on deals and tickets for fun things to do while on the trip. Do some research well in advance to find the best time of year to travel to your destination. Some companies will even have specials that can save a lot of money, but you have to research for a deal a while before the team would leave.

Teams, Parties, social and civic groups use BusRates.com for their group travel needs and the best part is? It’s FREE!

Don’t fret. If you are planning a team trip, you can count on something going wrong. It’s not your fault; it happens on every trip. Instead of panicking when it happens and causing the other travelers also to panic, try to stay as calm as you can and roll with the punches. You can only plan so much, the best way to handle a stressful situation is to just go with the flow and fix things as they come up. No one wants to be stuck far away from home with a team leader that is spazzing about everything.

Think before you do. Before you spend any money on an activity for the team trips, think about whether or not the group would have fun doing the activity. Little children would have a hard time spending the day museum hopping or needing to walk too far. Make sure the activity is related to the main goal of the trip. You would not want to do a historical tour of a city while on a team trip for a sports team.

Find the best transportation. No one wants to travel for hours in an uncomfortable seat. It will start the trip on the wrong foot, leaving everyone grouchy. If the trip is a day’s drive away don’t choose a small bus, get one with comfortable legroom and reclining options. Playing movies is also a great way to entertain everyone on a long ride.

Bond as a team. Be sure to find activities so that the team trip can be full of bonding. You don’t want to leave without having made a deeper connection with the group. Exploring new things as a team has a way of bringing people together. You could set up little challenges throughout the whole trip. Maybe have them answer a riddle they could solve after being on the trip or have them work as a team on a ropes course.

Now that you know what steps to take for a fun team trip, start booking yours today!


How to Book Student Trips for a Youth Sports Group

How to Book Student Trips for a Youth Sports Group - BusRates Blog

How to book student trips for youth sports groups can be a challenge to plan, especially when they’re for a sporting event. Be sure you aren’t planning at the last minute by using these tips to make it easy to book student trips for a youth sports group or event.

Start the preparations to book student trips for youth sports groups as soon as you know the schedule. You should start with the hotel and chaperones then think about what food plan you could have. Food always depends on how long student trips are. If it’s just overnight, it won’t be a tedious process, but if the trip is longer, it will be a bigger deal. If there is time during the student trip, you can plan for attractions.

  1. You have to book the hotel first. You need to know where you are staying before you can plan anything else. Find one with the right amenities. Don’t pick the first choice you find, do thorough research and take the time to find the best one. 

    Here’s a perfect resource for finding the right vehicle for the next time you book student trips for youth sports groups: Find the best bus type for your group


  2. Be sure to send the packing list for the youth going on the trip. Kids will not know what to pack themselves so giving them a checklist to be sure they have everything they need for the sporting event will ensure they can remember to bring it along.
  3. You have to know what parents or volunteers are going to be chaperones. The kids cannot be left unattended so, before you leave you need to be sure the chaperones will be able to handle the kids and their needs with patience and kindness. Youth can be a lot to handle, and not everyone is up for the challenge so, finding the right adult chaperone is essential.
  4. Since you’re staying overnight for the sporting event, you need to know what the plan is for food. You should pack snacks for during the day, and if you plan to eat out, you will have to find somewhere kid-friendly to make reservations.
  5. If you are staying long enough to stop at attractions, you will have to do your research and reserve spots for tickets. Be sure it’s an attraction youth where could be well-managed and have fun while exploring and learning. Youth may not be as patient while getting a tour of the art museum, but they could have fun going to parks or famous outdoor locations like the Statue of Liberty.

Now that you know how to book student trips for a youth sporting event, you can make your reservations today.