How to Crowdsource a transportation event.

Bus travel is the most affordable way to move a large group. Period… but that does not make it any more or less challenging to deal with the question about who is the one who is going to actually sign the contract and put their credit card down on the “table.”

Imagine a group of friends who are looking to head to a concert or festival. Maybe your family is having a reunion and you want to go on a tour of all the places from grandma’s life. Perhaps you area soccer parent trying to coordinate the bus for the team and  their families to head to the out-of-town tournament. Having one person responsible  for the entire fee can be a daunting commitment, but there are options and we are here to help.

Option #1

Sometimes simplicity is the key. Sending and receiving money has never been easier. From services like Venmo to PayPal andFacebook to Apple Chat, sending money to someone is simple and fast. Simply break the total transportation cost into a per seat or per person fee based on the quote and get people to pay before the actual booking. Keep in mind that most companies require a deposit before the charter can be booked, so doing this far enough in advance so that you do not run the risk of not being able to book once you are ready is important.  Hey, as long as you are at it, charge a few bucks for your time in coordinating… maybe you will not end up having to pay anything because you coordinated for the group!

Option #2

The route: Traditionally crowdsourced services like are thought about when raising money for nonprofits and charitable organizations, but they are, at their core, a tool for a group of people to come together and raise money for an end… even transportation costs. From small groups wanting to put together a night out on the town to a road trip to Disney for a group of 100 students, this tool lets you gather money from those interested in going. When using this, simply start a “campaign” on the funding site,  send out the information that they can donate to the cause, and that the cost is X dollars per person to participate. Simple as that, you are on your way to a crowdsourced trip.

Option #3

PayPal Money Pool. A relative newcomer to the group payment model, but one of the pioneers in the online money game, PayPal now offers a way for people to collect money for a common goal. Simple and effective, this will give you and your group a fast way to get this done. Set a total amount you need to gather, how much each person needs to contribute, and the date it needs to happen by.  See the video below for more information.

What you need to know when booking transportation for a group.

Booking group transportation does not have to be hard! If you want to know how to work with those companies who offer this service, here are five tips that will make your next group transportation booking go smoothly.

Tip #1: Know what you want… or at least what you think you want…

When it comes to transportation you will be asked a lot of questions., even if you are just a casual shopper. From where you want to be picked up to where you want to go to if there are any stops and how many passengers you will have… the list may seem longer than you want to answer when you are simply trying to do some price shopping. However, the reality is that some of these little details can mean huge differences in price and availability. Taking a few minutes to provide a more accurate picture of what you are going to be doing will ensure that the prices you get back are meaningful and represent what you can really expect for a trip like you are planning.

Tip # 2: Compare apples to apples.

One of the most difficult part of shopping for transportation is getting four or five quotes for the same service that are priced wildly differently and not understanding why.Like most businesses, not all transportation providers are the same or offer the same service or equipment. What may look like the same bus on the outside may, in fact, be totally different once you step aboard. From late model coaches vs. older coaches, the caliber of drivers and sales staff, types of equipment, maintenance programs, the size of their insurance policies, DOT/FMCSA ratings, and etc. the list of things that you will want to think about before you book is extensive. If a new coach with all the latest technology onboard is important to you, make sure that you are shopping for that. If you are only interested in moving your group from A to B for the least amount of money possible, make sure you shop for that. Transportation is definitely not a commodity. If you see one operator who’s price is higher than another there is most likely a reason for that. Ask the companies you are shopping why their prices are what they are and you will be surprised to learn just how different one is from another.

Tip #3: Avoid brokers. Go Direct.

Brokers are companies who represent that they offer transportation services to the public, but who do not own or operate vehicles directly. These companies make money on the difference between what you pay them and what they are able to pay the companies who ultimately operate the equipment you will be riding on. This means two things. First, their motivation is to get the service for as cheap as possible. If you are not interested in the cheapest way to go, then this is not a good choice for you. Even if you are interested in the cheapest choice, you still should not choose a broker because, like we said before, they make money on the difference between what you pay them and what they pay the transportation company. Ultimately you still aren’t getting the most inexpensive deal with brokers. Booking directly is safer too, as many of the issues that we have seen in the industry start with people paying for transportation to a company who does not actually have the ability to deliver that service. Nothing beats going directly to the service provider and negotiating to get the service, equipment, and price that works for you.

Tip #4: Look at reviews

Reviews are not just for buying comfy sheets on Amazon! They are a great tool when dealing with a transportation provider. We all know that things do not always go right, especially when you are dealing with traffic, driving conditions, weather and the like. You can see how the companies you want to work with act when things do not go right by checking online reviews. It is easy to want to judge a company on its best day, but the better way is to judge them on the days where things do not go right!

Tip #5: Shopping is not always looking for the lowest price

You will find that there will be operators who will send you quotes that are significantly lower than others. If they are also the company running the best equipment, who have the most friendly customer service, drivers and sales, and are shining stars with the FMCSA and DOT, then we would say book it and do it fast! What you will find is that most of the time those that are the lowest price are not all of those others things. Trust your instincts and book the company that fits your needs the best. Choosing a transportation provider is a big decision as your safety will ultimately be in their hands. Choose a company who you feel you can trust and that is doing everything they can to keep you and your fellow passengers safe, comfortable, and that you believe will do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. That may or may not be the lowest cost provider, but will always be the best choice!

Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Charter Bus for Your Group

If you’re searching for a charter bus, chances are you have a specific activity, trip, or event in mind. That’s where knowing what types of vehicles are available can help tremendously. Luckily this quick guide will give you a summary of each commonly chartered vehicle available to help you make your choice.

Luxury Motorcoach: Often equipped with features such as optional wifi and entertainment packages, luxury coaches are a great way to get your large group from point A to point B. No matter if you’re traveling a short or long distance, coaches can comfortably seat up to 56 people and have onboard restrooms to make your travel experience just that much more enjoyable.

Executive Coach: Perfect for transporting business executives and their colleagues, these coaches have office or lounge interiors and are usually equipped with wifi which makes it easy to work and relax on your journey. Executive coaches can typically seat anywhere from 20-30 people.

Trolley: If you are having an event such as a wedding or gala and want to add a touch of vintage charm, a trolley is the perfect way to have your guests transported. Though they don’t have the same amenities that other coaches do, a trolley will add the ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for.

Mini Bus: Need to transport a smaller group, but still want the amenities that a motorcoach offers? You’re in luck! A mini bus is perfect for you. With seating for up to 29, this more cost-efficient method of transportation will work great for just about any trip you have in mind.

Chartering a bus is simple to do, especially when you use our extensive database. Get quotes today just by typing in your pickup location and then using our filters to ensure availability. No matter which type of vehicle you decide to charter, you’ll be glad you read this guide to help you narrow down your search!

4 Essentials for Sports Teams Youth Travel Trips

Youth sports offer students and chaperones travel opportunities that expand cultural understanding, challenge physical abilities, and create an incomparable sense of camaraderie between teammates.

Use these four tips while planning your next youth sports trip to ensure all of your fellow travelers have fun, stay safe, and come home victorious, no matter what happens on the court.

Don’t Be Shy with Chaperones

Even the most well-behaved group of sports enthusiasts can give the adults in charge a tough time. Make sure you have enough chaperones to keep an eye on active youngsters set loose in strange surroundings. For youth under the age of 12, you should plan on having one adult for every four students. For older kids, plan on needing one parent for every six. Where can group organizers find chaperones?

  • Parents
  • Older siblings
  • Teachers or school officials

Charter a Bus

Even for short trips, a charter bus makes the job of getting a group of athletes between locations easier than alternative travel methods. What are the advantages of charter bus travel?

  • All students arrive together. No more last-minute nail-biting hoping that your star player’s parents get them to the venue on time.
  • Use the extra travel time to review plays, rules, or simply pump up the players’ spirits.
  • Charter bus rentals include the services of a professional coach operator. That means you won’t have to worry about questionable directions or routing issues.

Many buses are equipped with amenities that make it even easier on chaperones escorting younger players. Bathrooms, DVD/TV combinations, and built-in speaker systems are some of the more popular features for teams while they’re on the road.

Stay Connected

Keep your fellow travelers connected while on the road to ensure everyone is always accounted for.

  • Make sure every traveler has the organizer’s cell phone number.
  • Have everyone trade phone numbers with at least two other travelers.
  • Consider walkie-talkies for chaperones to protect against cellular services issues in case of emergencies.

Prepare for Disaster

Good planning and vigilance drastically reduce the likelihood of accidents. However, it’s best to be prepared in case an issue occurs.

  • Keep up-to-date medical information on every traveler. Include things like medications they take, recent surgeries, or chronic medical issues. Digital files are easier to carry and access.
  • Make sure to bring a fully stocked first aid kit.
  • Pack snacks and beverages for the road. If your party becomes trapped during travel, these provisions could make long waits for help a lot more comfortable.

Youth sports is a unique privilege in the lives of young ones. Give your team’s spirit a little bit of boost by using these tips to plan the travel portion of their next away game.

Include these 4 tips in your youth sports team group travel planning sessions to keep everyone safe, happy, and satisfied.

Organizing Your Next Group Team Trip: 3 Key Considerations

3 simple steps to planning a great team trip

Group team trips take a lot of time to plan. The planners can stress and become overwhelmed if they do not stay organized. Planning ahead, keeping lists, and having a proper budget and sticking to it will keep the process of preparing for a trip smooth. Here are 3 key considerations for organizing your next group team trip.

Plan months ahead. Trips take a lot of time to plan and if you rush last minute you may miss out on deals and activities for the team trip. You should leave enough time to be sure there will be enough spaces for your entire team. Be sure the team would have time to agree on the itinerary. If one person doesn’t like what is on the itinerary, the entire team trip could be ruined. To be sure there are enough hotel rooms be sure to book in months in advance. You should have the team sign up early. You should add a couple spots for last minute stragglers. The stragglers will be so happy to be included, making the trip that much more special for every member.

Big or small, teams require the right vehicle for the journey, here’s a way to make sure you get the right vehicle type.

Keep lists. It takes a lot to plan a team trip so lists will become a necessary part of it. Programs such as Evernote or OneNote are perfect for this. If you are more old school, a notebook specifically designated for the trip will do. Lists will ensure you do not miss anything. Keeping that list connected with your calendar will keep you even more organized. Mark your calendar for when to start each phase of planning the team trip. Staying organized with lists and calendars will keep planning smooth. You can even use lists to delegate tasks if the planning is too large of a task for just one person.

Figure out the budget first. In order to plan the team trip, you need to know the budget. You cannot choose the hotel, bus type, food, or activities until you know how much money you are working with. Keep in mind that some team members may back out last second leaving you will a little less budget so, be sure not to use every cent of the budget or the trip will have to be canceled. If you need all of the budget, you could make the trip nonrefundable. When you choose a budget, be sure everyone involved can afford it. You don’t want to plan an entire trip that would be too expensive and you also don’t want to plan a trip that the group could have paid a little more to do more activities on.

Now that you know the 3 key considerations for planning your next trip, start organizing it today!