Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Charter Bus for Your Group

If you’re searching for a charter bus, chances are you have a specific activity, trip, or event in mind. That’s where knowing what types of vehicles are available can help tremendously. Luckily this quick guide will give you a summary of each commonly chartered vehicle available to help you make your choice.

Luxury Motorcoach: Often equipped with features such as optional wifi and entertainment packages, luxury coaches are a great way to get your large group from point A to point B. No matter if you’re traveling a short or long distance, coaches can comfortably seat up to 56 people and have onboard restrooms to make your travel experience just that much more enjoyable.

Executive Coach: Perfect for transporting business executives and their colleagues, these coaches have office or lounge interiors and are usually equipped with wifi which makes it easy to work and relax on your journey. Executive coaches can typically seat anywhere from 20-30 people.

Trolley: If you are having an event such as a wedding or gala and want to add a touch of vintage charm, a trolley is the perfect way to have your guests transported. Though they don’t have the same amenities that other coaches do, a trolley will add the ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for.

Mini Bus: Need to transport a smaller group, but still want the amenities that a motorcoach offers? You’re in luck! A mini bus is perfect for you. With seating for up to 29, this more cost-efficient method of transportation will work great for just about any trip you have in mind.

Chartering a bus is simple to do, especially when you use our extensive database. Get quotes today just by typing in your pickup location and then using our filters to ensure availability. No matter which type of vehicle you decide to charter, you’ll be glad you read this guide to help you narrow down your search!

3 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Chartered a Shuttle Bus for Your Event

Conventions, fundraising galas, and other large events like them all have one thing in common – there’s almost never enough parking at the actual venue. In fact, parking is often at least a mile away. That’s where hiring a shuttle bus comes in handy. Instead of having your guests walk from the event lot, charter a motorcoach! Here are three reasons why you’ll love the convenience of a motorcoach to shuttle attendees:

Smooth Transitions
If you’re having an event where guests will be wearing professional or dressy wear, they probably won’t be thrilled about having to walk a long distance to the event. Make the transition from parking lot to venue seamless by chartering a shuttle. When you hire a bus, you’ll be able to fit a large group of people onto the vehicle and have a continuous flow of attendees entering your event. Because of the convenience and novelty of it, this small transportation detail is sure to leave a big impact.

Happy Guests
The goal of any event is usually to have an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, having parking issues and a long walk to the venue is typically not what guests would classify as a good time. Shuttle buses take any of the frustration of finding the venue after having to find a parking spot away and will make your guests feel like VIPs.

We all want to feel safe and secure – charter shuttle buses will help with that at your event! No need to worry about guests walking alone in an unknown area, a coach will transport them as close to their vehicle as possible. Make your guests’ safety a priority and hire a shuttle bus.

Planning and executing an event can be stressful and you might think hiring a coach will take too much effort. However, with busrates.com, you can type in your location and have a long list of rated charter companies at your fingertips.

So what are you waiting for? Start comparing quotes for your event today!