How to Crowdsource a transportation event.

Bus travel is the most affordable way to move a large group. Period… but that does not make it any more or less challenging to deal with the question about who is the one who is going to actually sign the contract and put their credit card down on the “table.”

Imagine a group of friends who are looking to head to a concert or festival. Maybe your family is having a reunion and you want to go on a tour of all the places from grandma’s life. Perhaps you area soccer parent trying to coordinate the bus for the team and  their families to head to the out-of-town tournament. Having one person responsible  for the entire fee can be a daunting commitment, but there are options and we are here to help.

Option #1

Sometimes simplicity is the key. Sending and receiving money has never been easier. From services like Venmo to PayPal andFacebook to Apple Chat, sending money to someone is simple and fast. Simply break the total transportation cost into a per seat or per person fee based on the quote and get people to pay before the actual booking. Keep in mind that most companies require a deposit before the charter can be booked, so doing this far enough in advance so that you do not run the risk of not being able to book once you are ready is important.  Hey, as long as you are at it, charge a few bucks for your time in coordinating… maybe you will not end up having to pay anything because you coordinated for the group!

Option #2

The route: Traditionally crowdsourced services like are thought about when raising money for nonprofits and charitable organizations, but they are, at their core, a tool for a group of people to come together and raise money for an end… even transportation costs. From small groups wanting to put together a night out on the town to a road trip to Disney for a group of 100 students, this tool lets you gather money from those interested in going. When using this, simply start a “campaign” on the funding site,  send out the information that they can donate to the cause, and that the cost is X dollars per person to participate. Simple as that, you are on your way to a crowdsourced trip.

Option #3

PayPal Money Pool. A relative newcomer to the group payment model, but one of the pioneers in the online money game, PayPal now offers a way for people to collect money for a common goal. Simple and effective, this will give you and your group a fast way to get this done. Set a total amount you need to gather, how much each person needs to contribute, and the date it needs to happen by.  See the video below for more information.

Group Travel Destinations for Boy Scout Trips and Other Scouting Programs

Group Travel Destinations for Boy Scouts and Scout Groups - From the BusRates Blog

Planning a Boy Scout trips begin with finding the right destination. From outdoors and indoors there is a perfect trip for every Boy Scout troop.

If you are looking for historical museums looking into Washington DC might be the trip for your troop or if you are looking for something in nature visiting your local parks for the Boy Scout trip would be perfect. Here are some great Boy Scout trips destinations for your troop:

Scouting trips have become a great way for families to go and see many close by and not so close by events and sights. The official BSA website is full of helpful tips to get the whole family involved and part of the adventure. Her are some other examples of the types and kinds of things you can expect from your Boy Scout trip.

Here’s another great resource for you to us when you’re trying to find the right vehicle for your trip; Find the best bus type for your group!

You can learn how things are made on your Boy Scout trips by doing a tour of a local factory. You can show the kids the behind the scenes of how things are made, which can teach them new ideas and grow their creativity.

Visiting local art, science and history museums can be the perfect Boy Scout trip for your troop. The kids can learn all about new things through interactive exhibits. They’ll have so much fun learning, it won’t feel like an educational trip.

No matter what destination you pick getting the Troop there is easier with, you’ll make sure you get the right price and vehicle!

Hike through your local parks to teach the troop about nature and all the beauty it has. Seeing the beauty that your own backyard has can teach the kids to appreciate where they are. Camping can teach the kids important lessons on how to survive with minimal access.

Learning how your city works can be enlightening for the kids. Meeting with the Mayor and touring the city offices will teach the kids about politics and government at a young age. Politics and government can be very complicated to learn about at a young age and touring the city can teach them in easy to understand ways.

Group recreation is a great way for the kids to grow closer together and have fun. Doing a ropes course as a training exercise is a fun way for the troop to bond. Troop bonding is important for any troop. Getting along and feeling connected can make or break the experience for each scout.

Cooking together can be a fun and exciting way to learn a practical skill. Depending on the age of the scouts, skill and ingredients will vary. Cooking together can show the kids a new possibility for their future career path. Learning about different foods and the culture they came from will teach the kids to appreciate the world around them.

To help with your transportation needs on these boy scout trips click here to figure out what type of bus you would need for the type and size of group you are.